Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Britney Spears 'Best Friends With Ex-Husband Kevin Federline'

Britney Spears and her former husband Kevin Federline have become best friends, according to her sister.

Jamie Lynn Spears told Hello! Kevin, who split from Britney three years ago, had been taking care of the couple's two children on the singer's US tour.

Kevin, who has custody of Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 1, is also apparently on good terms with Britney's parents.

"Kevin has been great, as always,” Jamie Lynn said.

“He and Britney have become best friends. She knows how much he cares about the boys and he knows the same is true of her."

Source: entertainmentwise.com


Anonymous said...

Not the first time Jamie Lynn has said something nice about Kevin, or for that matter, Britney's parents Jamie and Lynne. Not surprised at all.

Anonymous said...

Is this article real ? Doubt these 2 are Bff. He tole people mag that their relationsjip was improving. If they were infact BFf they will do things togother with their kids like many divorce couple do who are BFf.

Anonymous said...

People magazine was awhile ago, they could be BFF now. Shar said Kevin was one of her best friends as well, so it seems like Kevin is pretty good at having good relationships with his exes.

Anonymous said...

I heard Kevin was sharing fertility advice with the slut.

Anonymous said...

We need another gay sex story from Kevin. It's been too long.