Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rumor: Is Kevin working on a book?

Kevin Federline says he’s working on a book and expects to finish it soon. In his mind it’s 60-40 that the dude ends up trying the green eggs.



Anonymous said...

A book on what, bowling tips?

Anonymous said...

Cook book?

Catie said...

It'd be interesting to get to know his side of the story (marriage with Britney,divorce etc.).

Anonymous said...

He can write?

Anonymous said...

New album - never happened
Acting career - never happened
Kids Clothing line - never happened
Reality show - never happened
Radio DJ - never happened
Publish a book - not gonna happen

This guy just likes easy money, anything that requires him to think too much disinterests him.
Why else do you see him do stuff like interviews and parties, and magazine spreads. He gets paid to show up, and not do work.