Thursday, March 19, 2009

Krayzie Bone interviewed about Kevin Federline

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DJ Booth: Okay, good. The last reader question comes from Teresa of Atlanta, Georgia, and she wrote, “Krayzie, how much money did it take to get Bone Thugs in the studio with Kevin Federline?”

Krayzie: [laughs] Man, it’s all good… first of all, I heard his music, and I really think he can be worked with, I really think he has something to say to the people, obviously, with all the stuff he’s been through. It ain’t even all about the money; I’m gonna do what I do. I ain’t no greedy person—I do music because I love it.

DJ Booth: But you’re saying that you guys felt that there was some talent level that he possessed, in order to at least discuss the possibility of collaboration?

Krayzie: Exactly.



Anonymous said...

Good. Kevin's first album wasn't nearly as bad as everyone was saying, it wasn't fantastic, but not the worst either. I liked some of the songs. He's had time to improve too. I hope he nails it the second time around and gets some recognition.

Kelly said...

^^^^I agree
And it's good to know somebody can put the tabiold crap aside and give Kev a chance, I wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

As if you jackasses know anything about music. Here's part of the Wikipedia entry:

The review-tallying website summarized the reviews they cited as possessing "extreme dislike or disgust"; as of 2008 it was the lowest-rated album in their database.

The album was panned as an artistic failure, and it was a gross commercial failure as well. The promoters couldn't even give away tickets for free.

Anonymous said...

He didn't have a chance of getting good reviews because of the whole image around him and the theme of the album. I've seen more than one person surprised that it wasn't actually that bad after listening to it.

Unfortunately Britney's people are still out to ruin his reputation. I hope he can successful counter that, come out with good album, and surprise everyone.

Anonymous said...

How in the fuck are they out to ruin his rep? He's still living off her and being a loser by not providing for himself and his kids. If he actually works and makes his own money and becomes a man. People wouldn't look at him that way.

Anonymous said...

should rephrase that question to "how much of britney's money did it take to get convicted felons in the studio"

Anonymous said...

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