Friday, March 20, 2009

Kevin's Mar. 18 Birthday Celebration - More Info

K-Fed chowed down at an early birthday dinner at Brother Jimmy’s in Murray Hill Wednesday night, with his new girlfriend, Victoria Price, his dad Mike, pal DJ Reach and ... (ready for this?) Taye Diggs and Kourtney Kardashian. Yes, our mouths dropped open, too.

The motley crew noshed on hot wings, Patrón shots and fishbowls of Swamp Water. The latter is a mixture of alcohol and juices that is served in a fishbowl with many straws.

The clan then headed over to eco-friendly club Greenhouse to catch Reach on the turntables. There, Federline the aspiring rapper (is that label still applicable?) and Price were “dancing very provocatively.

They were kissing and touching each other excessively,” our spy shared.

K-Fed and his posse downed whisky and tequila shots, and his pops stuck to beer.


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