Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Kevin and Entire Family To Watch Show Tonight

With the kickoff to her Circus tour mere hours away, Britney Spears can rely on at least a few familiar faces in the crowd. Including one that may be a bit of a surprise to loyal Britney watchers.

"Kevin [Federline, Spears' ex-husband] will be there and Jamie Lynn, Casey, and the baby arrived last night. The entire family is uniting together for this," a tour source tells RadarOnline.com. "Her kids are coming this afternoon to be with her before the show too."

Federline arrived New Orleans earlier this week and has been spending time with their kids Sean Preston and Jayden James. Though Federline and Spears were recently embroiled in one legal matter after another, it seems as if any residual tension has gone away. The source adds that everyone is currently getting along and banding together to make the tour one of Britney's best.

Going into the much-hyped- and most highly anticipated- evening, the pop princess' "confidence is up" since the tour "is coming together amazingly, it just looks so good."

Source: radaronline.com


Anonymous said...

Very nice, good luck to Britney.

sammY_semen said...

How did he manage to squeeze that into his busy bowling schedule?