Monday, February 02, 2009

TMZ: Tour arrangements for Preston and Jayden

Britney Will Cancel Tour If Kiddies Can't Come
Posted Feb 2nd 2009 3:00AM by TMZ Staff

Britney Spears will cancel her upcoming tour if K-Fed's lawyers continue to block an agreement allowing her to take the kids on the road -- informed sources tell us.

Here's what we know. For weeks, Britney, K-Fed and Jamie Spears have been privately hashing out a plan to let the kids travel with Brit while she goes on tour. The plan is to have homes in three bases -- New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Sean Preston and Jayden James would stay in one of these three bases and mom would commute back and forth while doing concerts in each region.

And here's a fun fact. We've learned Britney will pay Kevin in excess of $4,000 a week for each week she's on tour. The way the deal goes... Brit would get K-Fed his own pad in each of the three bases and he wouldn't even have to show up to get the money! Why, you ask, would she pay him? You figure it out....

So here's the rub: Britney, K-Fed and Jamie worked out the arrangement without the help of any of the lawyers. We're told a week ago K-Fed's lawyers became aware of the plan and were furious, thinking Jamie went behind their backs. Sources tell us K-Fed's lawyers have said they object to the plan but won't specifically say why. And Kevin apparently doesn't have the cojones to stand up to his lawyers.

Britney WILL cancel the tour if she can't take her kids... we know that for a fact.

By the way, Britney now has close to 50/50 custody and the trio has also worked out a long-term agreement, which would extend the arrangement. That, too, could be compromised.

UPDATE: 11:27 AM ET Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, says neither he nor Kevin want to interfere with Brit's career. He says it could have been handled better if Jamie and company would have "manned up" and had Kevin got the benefit of his lawyers to protect his position. Kaplan says he's going to present his own wording of the deal, but thinks they'll work it out.



Anonymous said...

What a total fucking scumbag. That's KFed, always using the kids as pawns to get more money out of Britney. Those kids will someday read about that golddigger, and will inevitably end up hating his self-centered ass. It's one thing to put a child's welfare first, another to just use them as a cash cow.

Anonymous said...

^ give it up will you? Don't you think Kaplan would have been involved from the beginning if it was all about money? Kevin was trying to be nice, and they are still trying to work it all out.

The kids will know the truth, it's only people like you who can't accept that Kevin is not such a bad guy who remain delusional.

Anonymous said...

Poor Kevin, he needs more money for bowling and cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the money, idiot. There is no reason not to let the kids tour with Mommy, especially since Mommy will be footing the bill for Sperm Donor's travel and expenses. If this was a real family with a working mother (and with a father, not a sperm donor), the father would not charge a fucking red cent to have his kids travel with the mother on a business trip.

I guess "work it out" with the attorneys is a cowards way out. The only thing KFool and Kaplan are working out is how much extra money they're going to get from Britney.

Trust me, the kids will know someday. They'll know the sperm donor used them as ransom. They'll judge him on what he does for them, rather than what he's paid to provide for them (lodging, nannies), taking most of the money for himself to party. They'll probably grow up restless, and like most Hollywood train wreck kids, they'll probably end up on drugs... all the while hating their parents, particularly the sperm donor.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kevin is an idiot, he should provide a home for these kids not allow them to travel for months from hotel to hotel. that's is not healty for kids.