Friday, February 06, 2009

TMZ: Rap Deal with Bone Thugs in Works

Video: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to work with Kevin?

K-Fed is officially trying to bring his rap career back from the dead ... and the people interested in resurrecting it??? Bone, Thugs-n-Harmony!

One of the members of the legendary hip hop group, Krayzie Bone, told us he's in talks with K-Fed and will give him a try-out of sorts: "We will listen to his music and if it's jumpin' off ... if we can do business ... Bone is all about doin' business." In fairness to Bone, the guy admits he's never listened to K-Fed's old stuff...

But Bone says he's not concerned about taking a risk on someone who's been described as the laughing stock of rap because, "We feel like we can work with anybody and have a platinum hit ... our fan base are usually the ones who respect a man who has gone through a lot of s**t."


Rumors have been going around that Krayzie Bone was about to sign Kevin Federline to his Mothugs Records, now Krayzie Bone has come forward to discuss what exactly is going on. "Some of his people did reach out to my people and it was business conversations back and forth possibly doing something with him," Krayzie said during an on-street interview. "Whether it was music or him signing to us, basically, what we left is you know, we want to hear his music. If his music is what everybody says it is...We definitely want to listen to what he got...From me, hearing from my people the kinda person he is, it really kinda attracted me to him...I like to roll with the underdogs."

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Anonymous said...

Eazy E will roll over in his grave if that happens.

Lashun said...

Well, this could be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, as if Bone Thugs is still relevant. And they're only doing it for attention, since they can't get arrested these days. A desperate act.

Anonymous said...

In other words, one has-been is trying to use another has-been for publicity.

Hilarious shit.