Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Kaplan - No Deal Yet for Britney Tour

Despite Britney Spears' blog proclaiming earlier this week that Sean Preston and Jayden James will be joining her for the duration of her Circus tour, Kevin Federline's camp insists no deal is done.

"We are working toward that," K-Fed attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan exclusively tells E! News.

"There can be an agreement reached in probably the next day, but there is not an agreement that is signed yet."

Kaplan says they are hammering out the last details, but the basic agreement will allow Spears to see her two sons on "pretty much the same schedule that she has now," which is around three days a week. For the sake of the tour, Federline will travel with the kids to tour areas.

"Kevin is working to make them accessible by going on various central locations in various areas of the country, and he is doing that because he wants her to be able to have the maximum positive environment around her to assure that the tour will be successful," says Kaplan

Sean and Jayden will likely not be seeing any of mom's Circus shows nor will they be hanging out backstage.

"I don't think the kids will be at venues. They will be available in her life when she is done with the rigors of performing," says Kaplan.

As for reports that Spears was threatening to cancel the tour if an agreement for the kids to come wasn't reached, Kaplan says that did not influence Federline's decision to allow the kids on tour.

"That would be her decision, but it is not something that would compel Kevin to decide what is best for his kids," Kaplan says.

Kaplan says he does not know if Federline will be bringing his new girlfriend, professional volleyball player Victoria Prince, with him as he shadows his ex-wife's tour. Prince recently decided to take time off from the pro volleyball circuit.

"I don't even know if they know yet, but she is a very solid person and they are really great together. She is very solid, responsible and [has had a] very positive effect."



Anonymous said...

I sure hope "kev" scores some money from Brit. It looks like he knocked up his jail bird girlfriend Victoria.

Anonymous said...

At least K-Sperm is closing in on his true demographic: High school dropout knocks up jailbird.

Anonymous said...

Just for the heck of it - Kevin has his GED same as Britney, in fact he says he got "amazing-ass" scores on it. And I'd say Britney has been closer to seeing the inside of a jail cell than Victoria ever was. So by your standards, Britney was already in his demographic.

Anonymous said...

Does "amazing-ass" scores constitute graduating high school? No, it just means he's one of the great unwashed; a functional semi-literate who didn't have the wherewithal to attend school.

Brit FYI generates tens of millions in annual income. They do not share a demographic. Victoria is a pro volleyball player, which makes as much as a waitress gig. But let's not forget that prior to stealing Brit's money, KFed delivered pizzas... which is the kind of job that an "amazing ass" score on a GED qualifies you for.

Anonymous said...

k-well fed is scoring another payday with free room and board... btw an amazing ass score on a GED is spelling your name on the test form...
i was in the military and the training manuals are structured for an 8th grade reading level...
the cure for the Kfed breeding program is castration...

Kelly said...

Don't be idiots ppl, did you really think it would be a good idea for Kevin to send the boys off on the road with Britney just because she wants it, kids need routine, they have a brother & sister and other family members in LA that I'm sure they've develop a bond with, yes the boys can visit her on tour, but for Kevin just to send them off on the road for the next 4-6wks r however long the tour last would be an unwise decision.

Anonymous said...

Oh really?

Is that why KFed's half-black kids are not invited to Britney kid functions? KFed's idea of a family is self-serving, in the most literal financial sense.

But hey, don't let that upset your sense of moral relativism, Kelly. After all, if KFed is hot, he can do whatever he damn well pleases.

Anonymous said...

It begs the question, if KFag is just a good daddy and wants what is best for the kids, why is he getting a lawyer involved? What other *unemployed* father would get a lawyer involved, when all he would have to do is simply make arraingements to travel with the kids, and accompany them on the trip?

Why is that so hard for you to figure out, Daisy? Why are you so willfully stupid?

ObviousGirl said...

Why get a lawyer involved? Gee, I wonder could it be the fact that if he agreed to a verbal agreement with both Jamie and Britney that they could easily go back on what was agreed upon and he'd have no way to contest whatever issue or situation that could arise? It would be their word against his and it would just end up in another legal battle between them.

Oh and Could it also be the fact that his ex-wife is still mentally unstable, (also not trying to deal with her illness head on and just throwing herself into work as a distraction from having to face her demons) and given that there is no telling how this tour will affect her mentally and emotionally, it's not exactly a good idea to have a none binding verbal agreement with her or her conservator given the situation. This is more than just making trips to visit to take the boys to visit mommy this is the same as the scheduled visits she has set via both herself and Kevin and their lawyers.

I know all of you trolls are too fucking stupid to get important stuff like this (or anything at all) based on your ultra intelligent post; but shit like this needs to be in writing and have lawyers involved so that both Britney and her camp know what her boundaries are when it comes to the children, so that neither party winds up back in court. It would be stupid of her “fans” to even think she'd be able to take the kids on tour and if she really wanted to spend time with them, then she'd hold off on the tour and tell her management and her fans (who the majority obviously don't give a damn about her personal well being just as long as they get a performance, video, and a record out of her) to back off or fuck off and just rest and spend time with her kids. And maybe even try to get better so she'll no longer have to be under conservatorship and life will cease feeling like a prison to her.

My word some of you idiots are fucking stupid and naive. Get the hell off the ‘Britney is perfect and can do whatever the hell she wants’ train and grow up so that you can stop devoting so much of your time to trolling a site for a person you claim to not like or hate. You don’t have to come here to get this news or make your weak ass attempts at talking shit about him or make your ignorant ass homophobic comments. You could easily do that somewhere else.

To the troll above unemployed fathers can't afford lawyers and don't say that Britney's paying for them given that Jaime contested paying for Kevin's legal bills because of how much money he made and I doubt he's talking about the money Kevin gets from Britney.

Anonymous said...

ObviousGirl, you obviously spend a lot of time defending this site. I must congradulate you, even though you're defending a gold digging scumbag like Kevin. Kevin is hiring a lawyer to protect his little assets, as he's afraid that if he slips up, he'll lose custody and have to return to pizza delivery. The best part of it is that Kevin is paying for his lawyer with Britneys money. In the end, she'll be required to pay Kaplan's fee, which is why he muscled his way into this mess.

TeamKevinMember said...


Please share another one of your gay sex experinces with this board.

Team Kevin Member.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that these kids won't be from hotel to hotel for 3 months cause i was going to say that Kfed is a horrible father. The deal is great for those kids. They need stability.

Anonymous said...

^Sorry bitch, but KFed sold them back to slavery.