Friday, January 30, 2009

More Info about January 29

Following a night participating in their bowling league, Kevin Federline returned to his car with girlfriend Victoria Prince and his father Mike on Thrusday night (January 29).

And while the former Mr Britney Spears was in a bad mood after a poor performance at the lanes, he was surprised by walking out to find a bunch of dollar bills on his windshield.

Unfazed, K-Fed, his volleyball girlfriend and his dad quickly drove off without removing the cash as paparazzi snapped up pictures.


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Daisy said...

Weird, I wouldn't mind that happening to me!

Anonymous said...

Kevin is too stupid to realize they are goofing on him. And what's the deal with the flip flops and socks? If it's cold out, you don't wear flip-flops. And if you wear flip-flops, you don't wear socks. Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

See? KFed doesn't have to work. Money just magically appears on his windshield... and whenever he extorts Brit for kiddie visitation rights.