Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pic: Kevin picks up Preston and Jayden

Kevin picks up Sean Preston and Jayden James from Britney's new Chateau Suenos residence a couple of days ago.



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How did he find the time with his busy bowling schedule and all?

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All in the Family
by Kevin

I grew up in a small rural city called Fresno. My parents lived in a small house several miles from a major road and we were all but secluded from civilization. My dad was the foreman of a large manufacturing plant and my mom was a waitress at the local bar and grill so needless to say we weren't rich but we had most of the necessities of life.

The one thing we didn't have though was an indoor bathroom and we used what the old timers call an out- house. It was a little shed like building outback of our house and it was here whether during the day or night my family would have to go to take a piss or shit.

My father, however, being a decent carpenter, had rebuilt the old one since my mom constantly complained of the smell. She refused to use it and had in the mean time, set up a small port a potty in the closet near their room. Even after my dad rebuilt the old one, she still refused to use it saying she was civilized and would leave the outhouse for us men.

I guess looking back my dad was a pig. He was handsome enough, but his manners sucked. He would belch and fart out loud and then laugh about it as well as pick his nose in public. All these things my mom hated, but I thought it was rather funny at the time.

He was also loud and aggressive, a trait I would later develop. Anyway, by the time I was 14 we were at each others throats. I developed early though, so the beatings I received as a kid stopped because he knew I could kick his ass.

At 14 I was 5'10 and weighed about 150 pounds but it was all muscle even though I didn't have a hair on my body yet. My dad still teased me though, telling me he was going to put me over his knee or that I wasn't too old to knock upside the head. The only time we got along was when we drank together and we did a lot of that.

It was about this time that I started to explore my sexuality. Since I dropped out of high school, there weren't any guys around to tell me about sex, so I had to learn everything on my own. I think it was during this time that I started jacking off everyday and was fascinated with my cock and balls and ass.

I would set up the mirror in my room at night, light candles, and watch myself masturbate using mayonnaise. I loved laying back, spreading my legs and watching myself get off.

It was this same time I began noticing my own dad. I began wondering what my dad looked like naked. I wondered what he did when he jerked off. I knew he did it quite a bit because my mom had mentioned it once in passing and in knew they didn't get it on much.

Anyway, my dad was a `real' man. He was 5'11 and had short dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was lean and fit as well from working at the plant, even though he had a slight beer gut. I'd always found him obnoxious and loud, but it was around this time my disgust turned to curiosity and the reason was simple. I'd never seen him naked.

I know that sounds odd, but he never took his clothes off in front of me and in fact he was relatively shy. This only increased my curiosity.

Anyway, the idea to spy on him came one day while I was in the outhouse. I noticed that there were 2 toilet seats and below it was the catch basin that had recently been cleaned since he rebuilt it. There was also enough room for someone of reasonable height to stand or sit below the bench and viola! I would have a perfect view of him taking a leak. Upon closed inspection, I realized there was a small door on the outer side of the outhouse that he used to clean the bottom with a shovel. It would be gross for sure, but it was a perfect way to see what I had wanted to see for so long - my dads' cock!

I remember thinking about doing it and masturbating the night before, having one of the best jack off sessions ever. This would be great and I couldn't wait. The next day my mom went to work and my dad and I proceeded to drink beer together as usual. He was wearing his faded jeans, work boots and a company shirt with his name sewn on the front. I watched him closely and went to the fridge as often as possible to being him another beer.

I was nervous as shit that this wouldn't work and I'd get caught, but after 5 beers myself, I didn't care anymore. Besides, I crawled into the bottom of the out- house earlier in the morning and realized I'd have a perfect view of him pissing and if I bunched up against the far wall I would never be seen. I was ready!

We'd been drinking for almost 2 hours when I figured he'd have to take a piss. I excused myself to my room saying I was tired and left him to watch TV alone. I then closed and locked my bedroom door, stripped to my underwear and climbed out of my bedroom window.

I was so excited I had a hard on poking out the front of my shorts before I even got to the outhouse. Once there I opened the door to the crawl space and climbed in. The only light came from the two openings in the bench above and a skylight, but it was enough to see.

The smell was bad but bearable. For a moment, I froze fearing he had gone to use the part a potty in my mom’s closet, but it was right after this thought that I heard the back screen door slam. My heart froze. I was stuck. I had to do it now.

I could hear his heavy work boots thumping on the hard ground. My cock was bursting the thin shorts I had on so I pushed them down to my knees. I grabbed hold of my hard dick and held my breath as I heard the outhouse door open and then bang shut.

For a moment I heard nothing and was suddenly horrified that he knew I was there and that he was waiting for me to come out and receive the beating of my life, but then I heard him unbuckling his belt. My heart was beating a hundred miles and minute and I was sure he could hear it. Then I heard him unzipping his pants. I leaned over slightly still holding my breath finally ready to see my dad's adult sized cock!

Suddenly, to my ultimate shock, the open hole in the bench was replaced by my dad's hairy ass. My dad was going to take a shit instead!

Fuck I thought as I squatted closer to the floor. This is incredible and indeed it was. I peered up at his hairy crack and asshole. I thought my cock was going to explode. Not only could I see his hairy crack and asshole only inches from my face, but I could see his heavy balls and cock hanging down as well.

It was fucking beautiful. His cock was small, but had a large perfectly shaped mushroom head at the end. I was in awe. I wanted so desperately to reach up and grab it and had to stop myself from doing that or grabbing hold of his hairy balls.

Suddenly he let out a loud nasty fart and I freaked out as I saw his asshole open and a large hard turn begin to push it's way out. I was watching my dad take a shit! The log was thick and brown and hard and pushed it's way out of his ass like some bizarre snake. Suddenly it plopped to the bottom of the outhouse floor. I remember leaning forward to inspect his asshole. The smell was awesome and I leaned even closer to get a good look.

There it was contracting and opening before my very eyes, a streak of brown shit stain on either side of his hairy ass cheeks. I was slowly massaging my aching cock fearful I would cum at any moment. His cock looked larger too and hung down over his ballsack. God how I wanted to reach up and stroke it. Then a second turd began to push it's way out of his asshole. This one seemed smaller than the first, but I watched it mesmerized just the same.

Then something happened. To this day I don't know what made me do it. I think it was the need to be a part of the experience of my dad shitting, but I reached down without making a sound and picked up the turd my dad had just shit out of his funky ass! It was still hot and hard and slimy. I held it to my nose and gagged. I put it down quickly only to pick it up again. My dad always spent a lot of time on the pot, so I wasn't afraid of him getting up just yet.

Anyway, I remember mashing the shit in my fist and feeling it squeeze through my fingers. Then I did it, I grabbed my cock with my shitty fist and began to pump. Fuck! It was awesome! I was losing my mind. I was jacking off with my own dad's shit! I slathered my five inch boycock with shit and proceeded to pump it from the head of my cock to the base of my balls.

I guess I had really gotten into it and was amazed to see my white cock turn completely brown with shit. My dad was shitting another nasty log and it was the sight of his asshole opening up with his crack, cock, and balls so close to my face that sent me over the edge and I started to cum.

Fuck! I snorted starting to shoot all over the place, my cum arching up and splattering the side of the out- house wall. I was gone and had no way of stopping it.

Suddenly I heard my dad yelling, `what the fuck!' I peered up terrified. He was looking down between his hairy legs at his son who was covered with his shit mixed with cum.

He just stared at me for awhile as if seeing a ghost not believing his own son could be jacking off while watching him take a dump. That was it I remember thinking, he's going to beat me to a bloody pulp. Then to my disbelief he began to sneer.

`So you like spying on your old man, Huh?' he said and began to laugh. I was so terrified that I began to cry.

`You fuckin little faggot!' he said, his sneer turning to anger, `Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about.' I started to crawl back toward the door and escape the terror when I heard my dad yell, `FREEZE.! Then he told me that if I was going to spy on him then I had to pay the price.

I just looked up at him, my shorts still around my ankles with my shit smeared cock hanging down between my hairless thighs. That was when he spoke again.

`Since you like spying on your old man so much, why don't you get up here and smell my dirty ass!'

What the fuck! I thought. What was he telling me to do? I stared at him in disbelief. Huh was the only thing I could say.

`Get your fuckin face up here and smell my dirty ass!' he hollered at me again.

Suddenly I knew exactly what he wanted (I now call it Papazao) and I got instantly hard again.

I knew he was serious and had little choice but to do what he wanted. Besides, it couldn't be that bad, could it?

I moved up closer stepping in one of his turds as I moved.

`That's a good boy,' he chided, `come closer.'

I was only inches from his ass now. I could smell the shit still on his crack and ass hair and almost gagged again, but then looked up and realized that my dad was hard! His cock was arched up and pointed toward his belly. It was full of veins, but the head was hidden from my view.

`Don't worry about that boy, focus on what I told you. You'll get this another day. For now start licking out my fuckin hole!'

I didn't need another warning, but placed my nose and mouth beneath his hairy hole and with one quick move forward, buried my whole mouth and tongue up against his smelly, shitty hole.

I heard a loud umph when I did it and realized my own cock was now hard as a rock. Even harder than before. I was eating out my dads' shitty ass and loving it! Words cannot describe how unreal this was.

`Start tonguing me out boy!' I heard him bark and instantly began licking out his dirty crack. I ran my tongue all up in his hairy ass and began cleaning him with my mouth and tongue.

`That's it boy, lick my entire crack. Start at the top and work your way down to my nuts.'

I did as he said licking all up in his hot crevice feeling his shitty ass hairs tickle my nose, then stop when I got to his puckered ass. I even reached up with my hands and spread his ass cheeks apart and then drove my tongue deep up his smelly hole in one intense plunge.

UGGHHH!!! I heard him moan as I felt his ass tighten around my tongue.

`That's it boy, shove that tongue up my ass!'

I opened my eyes for a moment as I heard him spit. He was fisting his cock! My dad was jacking off while I sucked his ass.

Keep tonguing my ass boy, I heard him say. Don't stop. Get that tongue up in there. French kiss my asshole!

I then started to really get into it and began running my tongue all up and down his hairy crack. It wasn't long before my dad was rocking back and forth on the toilet seat, pushing his ass down on my face.

`Ohhhhhh! That's it boy! Lick out my dirty ass crack!

I pushed my tongue back and forth up his hot hole tasting his funky man scent and recent shit. I was in fucking heaven.

Oh baby he was moaning. That feels so good. You like eating out your daddy's nasty ass don't you?

I just moaned, my tongue still buried up his ass crack while I fisted my cock, his shit still coating my hands. I could hear the slick sounds of him pumping his cock. Now suck on my balls he commanded and I eagerly began sucking on his hairy nuts.

Fuck I heard him say out loud. Now go back to my ass. French kiss my nasty ass.

I moved quickly back to his open hole. Suddenly with- out warning, he farted right into my open mouth.

`Fuck!' I blurted out and backed away, his wet fart filling my nose and mouth with bits of shit.

`Get up there and eat that!' he yelled.

I did as he asked smelling the fart all the way down my throat. I gagged when suddenly he began pushing out a fucking turd!

I couldn't believe it. I backed away again.

You little ass hole eating faggot! You like my shit so much get up there and suck on my shit!

I couldn't believe it. Now my dad was telling me to eat his shit!

`Do it!!!' he suddenly yelled again shaking the tin walls of shed.

I immediately moved back, held my breath and placed my mouth directly over his asshole and the log of shit.

`Suck on that fucking nasty log. Eat the shit out of daddy's ass!'

Suddenly the log fell out of his ass and into my mouth. I immediately spit it out and replaced the log with my tongue. No sooner had I put my mouth back on his shitty hole than I felt his hole close on my tongue.

`Fuck I'm gonna cum!!!!!!' he screamed out loud!

He bucked his hips wildly on my face and started to shoot his load all over the place.

Fuck Fuck Fuck I'm cumming!!!!!! he yelled again.

I then reached up between his hairy legs and grabbed the base of his cock as he came!

Umph! Uumph! AAAAAAGGRRR!!!!!! he moaned as he rocked back and forth on my face, his cock in my shitty hand as his cum shot out all over his chest and legs. Soon it covered my hand. The same hand that had been covered with his shit. After what seemed like forever, I pulled my hand back down. It was covered with my dad's cum!

I watched my dad slowly get up and the hole in the bench open up. I peered up at him and what a sight I must have been. He stood there, his pants and round his knees, his still hard cock swaying back and forth between his thick hairy legs, the cum still running down his stomach.

You dirty little fucker, he sneered seeing me crouched in the bottom of the outhouse, shit all over my mouth and face and cock.

Lick your hand he said and grinned. I just stood there in shock at all that had happened. Lick it! he bellowed.

I put my hand up to my mouth and began licking off his cum and shit, my own cock arched straight up against my stomach still stained with my dad's shit.

I reached up and began jacking my cock needing relief not caring if he watched me or not. It didn't matter now.

That was when my dad moved up closer, his now half hard cock swinging back and forth between his legs.

Here you dirty little ass sucker he said, here's some- thing to wash my shit down with and he began pissing on me! it was beer piss too, hot and wet.

He shot it directly in my face and eyes. I was stunned again but heard him say open and immediately opened my mouth as the warn piss filled my shitty mouth. I instinctively swallowed and then gagged spitting it back up. I heard my dad laugh as piss hit my smooth chest and the last thing he said was `jack it'

I reached down and began furiously pumping my cock.

I remember him pissing directly on my pumping fist and shit covered cock and balls. It was incredible and soon the flow of urine was gone, but I was in ecstasy. I could even feel his piss running down the crack of my ass. I looked up to see him peering down at me with a hot look in his eyes. A look that said he was enjoying this as much as me. He then bent down and placed his hand on my slimy shoulder.

That's it baby boy, I heard my dad say, pump that cock for daddy. Jerk that hard cock for me. Let me see you shoot that hot load all over the floor. Do it son! Pump that hard fuckin cock! And suddenly I felt myself starting to cum.

Umphh!!!! I yelled out loud.

That's it boy, shoot that fuckin load!!!!, he said as I started to shoot all over the floor of the outhouse.

Umpphh!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I yelled out load bucking my hips obscenely almost blacking out from the intensity of it all.

After I came to, I looked up to see my dad grinning from ear to ear.

'Very impressive' he said and motioned for me to come up from the shit pit.

I climbed through the trap door and he greeted me at the front door to the outhouse. That's when he grabbed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I groaned unable to grasp all that was happening. I even reached out and jerked his now hard cock a few times listening to him grunt and moan. He then pulled me into the out- house, sat me down on the same seat I'd just rimmed his ass on and proceeded to lick me clean from head to toe. It was unbelievable. He even lifted my legs and began tonguing out my ass! I sat and grunted like a dog. Before I knew it his head was between my legs and his lips were swapped around my hard cock. I was once again shooting my load, but this time it was down my own dad's throat! It was fucking awesome!

After we were done, we walked to the house in the hot sun. My dad put his arm around my shoulder as we laughed the whole way. He admitted to me that he had known I was planning to spy on him in the outhouse. In fact, he told me that that was the reason he built it that way and that I wasn't the first person to spy! I couldn't believe it. I was still in shock.

Needless to say our sex didn't stop there. A few years later my mom got an office job and had my dad put in an indoor bathroom with a tub, sink and all but to this day she wonders why us men still want use the old out- house!

Someday I’ll ‘Popazao’ Preston and Jayden sweet asses, but only after they lick my dirty asshole first, just like my dear sweet dad taught me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Kevin. It was really moving (no pun).