Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Interview with Kevin Federline in Hello!

How important is fatherhood to you, Kevin?

Being a father is everything. It's probably the best experience of my life. Being raised in a family like I was, where my parents loved me a lot, it kind of rolled off on me. So I always knew I wanted to be a father. It's a part of life that I'm grateful for. Having kids and becoming the person I am is wonderful. My kids teach me so much and, being around them every day, I have learned a peace in life that I don't think I ever would have had without them.

Do your children have very different personalities?

They're all their own characters. My daughter Kori is six and she's like the little angel of the group. Kaleb is four so he's kind of the leader of the boys. He's more like the strong one. I see him going out for sports. Preston's real outgoing. He seems to be a real daddy's boy too. He's very kind-hearted. I was that way when I was young. I feel like he's picked up that trait from me. But at the same time, he's a daredevil. Jayden is only two. He's coming into his character. He's a wild one!

Britney has said you left her, Kevin…

I never left her. It's just we were going through tough times.

Do you still love her?

I'll always love Britney; maybe not the same way that I did when I was in love with her. But she's the mother of my children. She's always going to be in my life. She's always going to be the mother of my children. Nobody can take that away from her and I wouldn't want them to if they could. So, having said that, yes, I'll always have love for Britney.

Did you ever hope that you might get back together?

There were times when I was up and down about it, but I just figure that I've made all the right decisions.

What do you think of the men Britney has dated since your divorce?

I'd rather not comment on any of that.

Is there anyone new in your life?

Oh no. No. I don't really feel like bringing that around the kids. They have gone through enough in the last two years. So we'll see. I'll never say never but as of right now, no.

Did you have to put your career on hold to devote yourself to the kids?

I've put everything on hold. My kids always come first. I'd drop everything that I ever have to do to be able to make sure they're okay. I put stuff on hold for a while then I started going into a fashion line. I'm building my own brand, Otzi. We're starting out with young boys' clothes. For the last two years, picking out clothes for my kids has been my life. So I'm really excited about that and it's something I can stay at home and do. And I'm working on a TV show with a production company. I had to create all kinds of opportunities that I could work on from home or be based in one place. That was pretty much the difficult part about keeping busy. Everything's great now, really great.



Anonymous said...

How much was he paid for this "interview?" What a loser. Has he ever heard of working for a living?

Anonymous said...

If he was paid for it... that would be called working.

Anonymous said...

That's WORKING? Damn, someone give ME that job!

Anonymous said...

Getting interviewed is working? Well, that's a new one!

Anonymous said...

What's so new? If you do something and they pay you for it, it's working. Even if it's fun, like when he gets paid to show up at a club in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I had no idea that simply getting paid to do something qualifies as working. Ya learn something every day. I guess that means that people who are paid "hush money" to be quiet are actually working, too! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Why not? If I had the choice between going to Vegas and getting paid $10,000 - $25,000 or working 9 to 5 for a couple of months, I'm pretty sure I'd go to Vegas. Better for the kids too, since they get Daddy around much more often.

queefy said...

Yeah, having a daddy who doesn't work for a living is better for the kids -- it really sets a great example for them. OK, sure.

Anonymous said...

He's teaching the kids that THEY are the priority in his life. What could be better.