Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Former co-worker comments on Victoria Prince

Kevin Federline totally has his hands full with new girlfriend Victoria Prince, a former co-worker at a California restaurant tells Life & Style.

The 6-foot-two Victoria spent six months waiting tables at Houston's restaurant in Manhattan Beach before she left to play professional beach volleyball — and she made an impression. "She's really smart and witty," the insider says. "She's a strong and independent woman, and always wears the pants in her relationship."

The insider adds: "I hope Kevin can handle her! She's pretty hardheaded. She's not afraid to speak her mind, even if it means insulting someone."

The coworker was shocked when Victoria revealed that she was dating Kevin. "He isn't really her type," the insider says. "Most of the guys she's dated were athletes who led a really healthy, low-key lifestyle. But she's really into the whole hip-hop scene, so I think that's why she was drawn to Kevin."

"Victoria is nothing like Britney Spears! She's the opposite of glam — she's a total tomboy. The only thing she has in common with Britney is that she loves to dance, too."

Source: lifeandstylemag.com


Anonymous said...

It's good that she's tough, she'll need it. She may be more like Shar than Britney.

Anonymous said...

This shit ain't gonna last.

Anonymous said...

she pretty, maybe that why kevin like her she not the clingky type like his ex she a tomboy who hangs with the boys and she very pretty. Good that she a strog woman ,she got to be after all she plays sports.

joanna said...

oh my gosh! it's been a while i'm not watching k-fed pics... he got whale-sized! how can she date with him? he was such an handsome guy. but he absolutely needs to lose weight to look good again!! anyway, he looks like he's got something even more big under his baby bump....that's the reason why girls date him :-P. AM I WRONG??? TELL ME HOW LONG IT COULD BE!!! and please, post again that wonderful .GIF of k-fed 's bulge bouncing left-to-right! - veronica

Anonymous said...

Kevin is probably hung like an elephant. I would definitely fellate him.