Saturday, August 09, 2008

Kevin Attends Madden NFL 09 Video Game Launch

Dreamboat and court-approved daddy Kevin Federline hit up the Madden NFL 09 video game launch last night solo. Meaning, unlike Matthew McConaughey, who brought his little one out Thursday, K-Fed left the kiddies at home.

A wise choice on his part, because he had a certain lady friend in need of some chatting up.

So who was Kevin acting coupley with? Hint: It's not Britney.

If you guessed his original baby mama, Shar Jackson, you are a certified K-Fed expert. Congrats!

Party spies tell E! News that the two semicelebrities were partying side by side at the same VIP table, and they acted "like a couple” while everyone else was playing xBox.

However, once the party really got going and people were xBoxed out, the two remained together—but were miles apart—so as not to draw attention. They're just like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

Will the former lovers ever reunite? Only time and future parties will tell.

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Douchebag said...

So fucking handsome. I'd love to stick my tongue down his throat and down his pants.

Anonymous said...

He's looking good these days - something about him looks a little more mature and comfortable than when he was married to Britney.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's looking good 'cause he gained a few pounds and stopped dressing ghetto...for now, anyway.

kajagoogoo said...

he cleans up well. but too bad his personality is trash.

Anonymous said...

I've always hated those oversized Tshirts and baggy pants that hit the knees - he looks so ghetto wearing them! These pix look good! He needs to dress this way more often. Also like the hair growing out. Hated the Mo-Hawk! LOL

Anonymous said...

oh my god kavin is an stupid and idiot

Anonymous said...

Kevin parties at a club.
Kevin parties on golf course.
Kevin parties with a video game.

What versatility.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why he has to act like a gangster - which he is not, pathetically irresponsible

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he has a big cock.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine him shooting a load of splooge down your tonsils? He must have some tasty man meat.

Anonymous said...

the only thing is able to do


Anonymous said...

I bet Kevin is anal receptive. We know he's asshole, he just needs to be lubed.

Anonymous said...

I bet he has an ass full of dingleberries. Wash your ass, Kev. Wash your ass. Jesus H. Christ.