Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kevin Wasn’t Fired From Broadway Show

NEW YORK, New York --
Contrary to a report in Star Magazine earlier this week, Kevin Federline wasn’t fired from the cast of the Broadway musical “Legally Blonde,” a rep for the show revealed to Access Hollywood.

“Star Magazine’s information is absolutely false. Jerry Mitchell and the producers were very excited about the possibility of Kevin Federline coming into the show,” Leslie Baden told Access. “Kevin’s been nothing but gracious and professional in all our conversations with him. Unfortunately, the timing on the show’s end didn’t work out. Should there be a point when we can have Kevin in our show, we would love nothing more.”

Source: accesshollywood.com


Anonymous said...

So add "failed at being cast in musical" to Kevin's impressive resume.

Anonymous said...

^ May as well add it to yours too while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

kevin's a loser

Anonymous said...

Kevin's too fat, and too out of shape to dance professionally.

Anonymous said...


The Broadway/Off Broadway grapevine says he was fired. Kevin couldn't even show up on time for the first rehearsal, and he was demanding star treatment. The PR spin doesn't even pass the giggle test: Had the timeing of the end of “Legally Blonde” not worked out for Kevin, he wouldn't have been cast for the part (which was given to him for promo purposes). Just what are Kevin's other responsibilities anyway? He doesn't work, and the time with his kids is both known and covered for by a nanny.