Monday, July 28, 2008

Kevin Hosting Party In Edmonton Canada - July 25th



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More pics of KFed partying!

He doesn't do anything else, does he?

sissy said...

i would like to lick kevin's balls gently just before he shoots his man-seed on my face. hollah!

Anonymous said...

he doesnt care one bit -

3 words:


he cares about himself instead of his family how would britney feel about this - she could careless -

Anonymous said...

My Anal Cream Pie

By Kevin F.

The bed moved back and forth with a creak. Constant creak. The mess on the bed seemed to be endless. There we were on my bed, Philip fucking my mouth with his dick all the way up to my tonsils. The pleasure was amazing his cock felt so huge, I loved it, when he rammed my ass like a horny beast. He started unloading streams of cum so thick and strong that it felt like 10 guys cumming in my ass at once. Feeling his hot cum made me cum hard. After what felt like 6 or 7 strong cum shots he finally stopped and pulled his big glistening cock out of my mouth. Oh, my God, he came so deep inside of me, I had to swallow.

“That was amazing, Philip” the only phrase I could tell after that. I put my head on his chest.

“You moaned so hard, Kevin, I could think you needed some more” he laughed.

“Sorry…” I replied: “It was great, it was… mmm”

“Tell me!” he commanded.

“Well, it is such a turn on when you cum in my mouth, I think, when you came down my throat it seemed like a dozen of guys came at the time…”

“Dozens of guys?” he asked

“Your cum shot was so big…. And I really liked it.”

“Well, we could make it real” he said pondering

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Look, if you want more cocks, we can find it. I have tons of friends who think your gorgeous, Kevin.” I thought it over for a minute:


“Yeah, all you have to do is say yes”

Saturday morning Philip called me and told me to go over to his house for a surprise. Excited and expecting something completely different, I went over and found him and 7 of his friends in the living room talking and watching TV. Some bottles of beer, a box of pizza. When I went in the room all eyes started at me. I immediately realized what was going to happen, and I have to say, I was looking forward for it.

I decided on the best to start. I went over to Philip and started making out with him. Immediately, all the guys got up and started feeling me up and taking all my clothes off. They all pulled down their pants and revealed 7 monster cocks erect and hard. I got on my knees and they surrounded me. 7 big cocks dangled before my eyes, whenever I would turn I saw big pulsating dicks. And I got down to sucking, one by one. While I was sucking on someone’s cock my hands were busy with stroking other 2 shafts. After I gave head to one, another guy took his turn. We went to Philip’s room and I got on the bed, I started sucking one guy’s dick while the rest touched my asshole. I feel someone enter my ass from behind, I didn’t even know who it was, but it felt good. Right away, I felt my first climax approaching. “Oh, yeas, I’m cumming” I yelled. After my climax subsided I pulled him out of my mouth and positioned one cock on my asshole.

“I want you all to cum inside, OK?” All of the guys agreed and said that I was a dirty horny slut.

I got on my back and put a pillow under my butt to pick it up, Philip put his cock in my asshole and started pushing. I slowly started taking his dick, even though it hurt, anyway felt great, I loved a feeling of fat cock in my ass. After a while I was taking the whole thing in there, and he started fucking me really hard. I knew he was not going to last very much longer. Feeling his cock ready to explode, I yelled:

“Cum inside me, Give me that fucking cum!”

I started to feel him shoot a huge load inside me. That was the feeling that sent me over the edge. As soon as he pulled his cock out, it was replaced by another one. This went on for hours, everyone came in my asshole at least twice, and some guys came even 3 times. I loved it. I must have several orgasms, every time someone dumped a load inside me. By the time they were all done, we were all exhausted. After a few hours of such horny race, everyone left us, me and Philip alone. I was lying on his bed naked, with my asshole filled with tons of cum. He told me:

“So, you know, you’ve got an ass full of cum. I want to see”

“No, I want to keep it in there! I worked so hard to get this, I like the thought of having so much cum inside me”

“Come on, please?” he insisted

“OK, fine!” I replied. I bent down and gave a push, with that floods and floods of cum gushed out of my butt. Finally a large puddle of cum was left on the floor.

“Wow, I see you took quite a big load of cum there, hussy”

“Yes, I replied: But you know what?”

“What?” he asked. I replied:

“I could probably take more” and smiled.

Anonymous said...

he deserve a break. Is he wrestling because he fixing his muscle in the pic

Anonymous said...

I bet he smells like cigarettes and ass.

Anonymous said...

the only job he can have


cumbucket said...

You tell a mean story, Kevin. I espcially liked that part where you write, “Look, if you want more cocks, we can find it."

Hey, I've been there.

Samantha said...

hah very nice. he was having fun