Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rumor: Kevin Federline Set For Denim Campaign

BRITNEY SPEARS' ex-husband KEVIN FEDERLINE is in negotiations to become the new face of a high-quality denim clothing line.

The dancer-turned-rapper has been approached to front a new campaign for the Los Angeles-based Christopher Brian Collection.

Brand co-owner Chris Stokes tells In Touch magazine, "We feel Kevin would be a great model for the line."



Anonymous said...

Excellent - he'll be awesome.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking useless piece of shit. What's the target market? Losers who fail at rapping? Boys who want to knock up a girl for the money? Leave it to the really lower tier fashion labels to wheel out this loser for attention.

Anonymous said...

I think KFED denim with dyed-in cum stains would be hot.

Anonymous said...

Wtf dude
R they crazy putting a worthless wannabe rapstar that wouldn't be nothing if it wasn't for britney(who's awesome f.y.I.) And nobody would even know who he has, dat worthless gold digger
And what makes him a bigger asshole is dat he took a womans child. Dats da worst thing that could happen to a person
Plus I get y britney shaved her head cause I would too if I was married to k-fed too and he probbly drove her crazy