Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kevin Federline Awarded Father Of The Year Award

Friday night, Kevin Federline was named Father of the Year by Privé Nightclub in Las Vegas. Yes, really.

(Guess it's not so hard to come off as a good parent when your ex-wife locks herself in the bathroom with one of the kids during a three-hour standoff with police.)

Ever the good dad, the former Mr. Britney Spears left sons Jayden James and Sean Preston back in Los Angeles with the nanny so he could receive the award in person. But K-Fed was shy about accepting it.

"The club had a trophy for him in the kitchen, but he didn't want to get it in public," a club source tells E! News.

Federline was mellow but happy most of the night, surrounded by male pals and a bevy of attractive models, none of whom K-Fed showed any special interest. Even when a modeling show of scantily clad girls paraded before him after he arrived around 1 a.m., K-Fed "didn't pay much attention," a source tells E!

But K-Fed did make news: he was overheard telling pals he is working on a new album. Joy!

Federline was previously named Father of the Year by Details magazine in November 2007. He also has two children from a previous relationship with Shar Jackson, whom he left when she was six-months pregnant in order to be with Brit-Brit.


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Anonymous said...

lol, since when did night clubs bestow such bizarre awards???

Father of the Year??? You're supposed to be a great father no matter what.

Anyone can live off of someone elses money, and hire help for the kids.

I think they pity him. Whoever awarded this filth to KFed needs to be shot.

Anonymous said...

He looks delicious.

Anonymous said...


fat loser without job!

Samantha said...

awww he looks so happy !

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's the first and only Father of the Year award that the night club will bestow. And why not? When Kevin ditches the kids late night, he goes there to spend Britney's money on skanks.

Anonymous said...

I bet his asshole feels really nice, once you lube it with some K-Y Jelly.