Monday, May 12, 2008

Kevin's Attorney: Britney & Kevin's Relationship Improved

There may be a thaw in the formerly contentious relationship between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, suggests K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Spears, who last week was awarded more visitation time with her sons by Federline (Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1), was the topic of discussion for Kaplan, on Monday's Today show.

Kaplan said that the judge's decision at last week's ruling reflected an "improvement" in Spears's condition. She spent full days, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., on both May 8th and Mother's Day with her sons. Asked about the current status of the relationship between the couple – including the rumor they would again star together on a TV show – Kaplan sidestepped any direct answers, instead saying that any potential reconciliation between Spears and Federline would be for the sake of their sons. (Britney makes her second appearance on CBS's How I Met Your Mother Monday night.)

"If you're going to have two parents participate in the lives of raising their children," said Kaplan, "there has to be some camaraderie between them for that to be a meaningful expectation and reality." But are things better between the ex-husband and wife? "When you go from where things were, when there was no visitation, to where they are now," said Kaplan, "there will be some contact … there'd be some ability to exchange a camaraderie that is necessary and a function of co-parenting together."

Source: People Magazine

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Anonymous said...

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Erik Freund said...


You and your stories, makes me think twice of who you are, 2 different people, a dad & a night club goer and hanging with your friends, and what's with the gay night clubs, which ones have you been 2 -

Leading a double life eh -

So which one should we believe - Just a question, no harm that's all.


Larry "Teabag" McGee said...

Kevin, glad that you appreciate the taste of man cum as much as Erik Freund. As my friend Sammy once said to me, "Got load?"

Anonymous said...

Cool, that middle-aged pedophile Erik has returned!

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Erik Freund said...

Anonymous said... (aka: You: Kevin)
Cool, that middle-aged pedophile Erik has returned!

Wuzzup Erik? Still trying to hit on underage boys and girls? Do something about your clothes and hair. You look like a bulldyke.


Hey Kevin:

First off, let's get this straight, or if you are?

#1. I am not a middle aged pedophile. So get over it?

#2. Why of all people like you would say something like that, you hardly even know me.

#3. Stories like this, why should we believe you, you're only digging youself deeper & deeper?

#4. Enough said?

Erik Freund said...

lastly: I am bit older wiser and alot more mature than you are

Anonymous said...

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Who are you kidding? You're old and your taste is retarded. I mean you're trying to tap preteens but you don't even have the sense to know what is cool. I mean the movies are all old, like you, but they are from the 1980s.

Didn't you grow up, Spanky?

Erik Freund said...
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Anonymous said...

Erik likes the cock. Just sayin'.