Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kevin Takes Sean To Disneyland May 28th

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Anonymous said...

Sean has grown up so much, he looks so cute on his daddy's shoulders. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kevin is aging pretty fast. Look at that pot belly and hairline.

Anonymous said...

why he took the kids out everytime britney has good pics with the kids? he is doing for his good image? he is loser without job and he is 30 years old.

Soft Clammer said...

I'd like to ride Kevin's cock. The Cock-O-Kevin.

Erik Freund said...

I must admit that without a job and urging Britney to help him is the way to go ......... Look for it yourself talk to some execs, producers, casting agencies or your manager - they can help you like what you did to get on one tree hill & without her help, you're a big boy aren't you - Seeing those kids with him is priceless - Give me the chills, and makes me proud - you're doing good kiddo - Seeing Britney going through the hype, and getting better, makes me proud that she is being a good mother ...... An A+

Anonymous said...

Here's the latest KFed article, and unlike the PR slop that the bitch posts in this blog, it has the real scoop on KFed @ Disneyland:

Daddy ‘K-Fed’ Loses Kid in Disneyland

On Tuesday, May 27th, America’s favorite “baby daddy” and “Father of the Year”, Kevin Federline, lost his 5-year-old daughter Kori at the ‘Happiest Place on Earth.’

Phew! No worries, Britney fanatics fans, it was one of Shar Jackson’s kids.

Sources told HollyWire that the child, wearing a bright yellow Belle Costume, was left roaming alone near the Finding Nemo ride. When an employee asked her where her parents were, she said she didn’t know.

She was then asked the standard who-what-when-where questions:

Disney employee: What’s your name?

5 year old daughter of K-fed: Kori

Employee: How old are you?

Kori: 5

Employee: What’s your parent’s name?

Kori: Kevin

Aw, adorable. No, sweetie, daddy prefers “K-Fed.”

Little did the employee know that “Kevin” meant Kevin Federline! About ten to fifteen minutes after the employee found the lost little Kori, a frantic nanny spotted her and came running over.

“She was freaked out and started yelling at the kid, asking her why she wandered off,” said the source.

While we cannot name our source (who has asked to remain anonymous), we did get confirmation from Kori’s mom, Shar Jackson, that Kevin did take all the children to Disneyland yesterday.

Thank goodness Daddy Kevin and the remaining 3 kids stayed put with other park employees. They didn’t want him getting lost, too.

I’m sure Kevin didn’t sweat it too bad, though. He just needs to be extra careful with the kids he made with Brit. Those are daddy’s little bundles of limitless money joy. (Too harsh, I know–but how could I resist?)

Listen, K-Fed, a little advice - just like rapping, you need to keep parenting to the professionals.

Anyway… Happy early Father’s Day, K! We’re glad they found your cute little Kori and all ended well!

Update: If you read the comments below, you’ll see that one of our readers was there and she saw 2 nannies with the kids, 2 Disneyland ushers, and a bodyguard! Crazy they could lose a kid with that much coverage… there were more adults than children!

Reader Comment: Lisa Says:
May 29th, 2008 at 2:53 pm
I was there and saw them, they had 2 nannies, 2 disneyland “escorts” and 1 huge bodyguard. Her Belle outfit was really cute and made her stand out in the crowd, how the hell did they “lose” her?? When I saw them it was still early about 11 AM K-fart wasnt with them yet. He must of rolled out of bed at the hotel to show up later in the afternoon. The boys are soooo cute, I feel sorry for them, the “handlers” who always have them are the paid help. Oh well, at least they will always have each other.

Anonymous said...

what a loser ...he lost one kid! loser get a job loser shitty head

Anonymous said...

Kids run off it happens, I lost my parents when I was little at some animal park. 4 kids are a lot to take care of.

Anonymous said...

Kids run off it happens, I lost my parents when I was little at some animal park. 4 kids are a lot to take care of.

Yeah, but these aren't ordinary kids. They're cash cows.

Anonymous said...

All that proves is that all 4 kids were there, contrary to the people and photographers that make it out like he's only taking care of his kids with Britney. It sounds like the appropriate amount of people were there to watch the kids, but I guess they can move quick sometimes in a crowd. I'm glad everything turned out okay.

Anonymous said...

Good to c him taking care of his children and inculding Shar daughter. Sean look like he and his Dad are very close. He look very happy in his Daddy hand. Cute

Anonymous said...

The article about him losting his kids is nothing but a lie. He had lot of people with him and It will be impossible for him to lost his child.

Anonymous said...

loser without a job that can't provide for his own children