Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Child Custody Evaluation Report

The parental bible in the Britney Spears/Kevin Federline custody war is in -- and it is powerful, folks.

It's called the Child Custody Evalauation report. Sources say it is "several hundred" pages long, and lawyers for both sides received it on Friday. Our sources say the report is a "mixed bag" -- both encouraging and damaging for Britney. The report, written by Dr. Jane Shatz, is extremely detailed.

There is a hearing next week (May 6) in the custody case and the report could be all-telling. And, sources say, the report "makes it more likely that Britney will show for the hearing."Lawyers for both sides refused to comment or respond.

Source: TMZ.com

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lynne Spears Visits Kevin

This weekend Lynne (Britney's mum) drove to Kevin's in Britney's Mercedes.

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Source: X17Onine.com

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Rumours Are Flying...

Britney Spears managed to win back her ex-husband Kevin Federline during a romantic holiday in Hawaii, according to a report.

The couple, who have two young sons together, visited the island of Maui for two days and discussed becoming a family again. Once they returned home, Spears stunned Federline by giving him a belated 30th birthday gift - an expensive Jacob & Co watch encrusted with diamonds.Britney's father James, who is also acting as her conservator, and mother Lynne are said to be thrilled by their reconciliation.

"[James] personally approved the mini-vacation and birthday present purchases," a source told the Daily Star Sunday. "There is nothing more he and Brit's mom Lynne would love than for her and Kevin to get back together."

Kevin's whole attitude to his ex-wife has changed. He can see she is responding to treatment for her bipolar disorder, staying sober and trying to rebuild her life and career."The insider added: "Though she is again becoming the woman he fell in love with, they both know rushing into remarriage too soon could be dangerous. So they're taking baby steps - and it seems to be working."

Source: digitalspy.co.uk

I just wanted to make a mention of this as these rumours have been going around a lot but I think it's highly unlikely. I keep a close eye on Britney news and she hasn't even been to Hawaii recently!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kevin In Trouble Over Income Claims

K-Fed lied about his income and charged up ridiculous expenses, including insane tips, according to new court documents. Britney Spears' newest lawyer, Stacy Phillips, filed documents challenging the legal fees that Brit was ordered to pay for Fed-ex. Phillips claims K-Daddy "understated his income by at least $200,000." She also says Federline buried all sorts of personal expenses and pretended to have $800,000 worth of business expenses. PopoZ√£o!

According to the legal papers, Federline grossed $544,074.73 from his production company, "Gooseneck Productions" in 2007, and his expenses totaled $841,128.67. Phillips says Federline's so-called business expenses included "extraordinarily high tips for food and beverage services [e.g., $1,100.76 tip on $2,782 bill; $200 tip on $371.29 bill; and $2,000 tip on $365 bill].

Source: tmz.com

Regarding his client's spending habits, K-Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan tells OK!, "What Mr. Federline may have purchased for gifts for others, or entertaining and/or hosting parties is irrelevent, though obviously, and unfortunately, the other side tried to distract the court from what and how one should vacation."

So... if Kevin is able to spend so liberally, why is the court ordering Britney to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in her ex-hubby's legal bills?

"It's not just about need but about her conduct," Kaplan explains to OK!. "He would not have incurred fees but for the fact that he was seeking custody orders that were for the best of his kids."

Kaplan, citing the numerous emergency hearings in the custody battle, says that the court based its decision "not on how Mr. Federline may have spent his discretionary funds but, subsequently, on the fact that every dollar he incurred in attorney's fees, as stated in open court, was incurred because of his need to pursue orders to halt Ms. Spears from conduct which she should not have been engaging in."

In defending his client, Kaplan concludes, "The bottom line is that Mr. Federline has stepped up to the plate in a major way. More often than not, he's stood his ground on behalf of what was best for his kids. And that can't be denied. He's been there and has risen to the occasion, time and time again."

Source: okmagazine.com