Monday, March 17, 2008

Rumor: K-Fed and Brit's Dad Cook Up a Deal

K-Fed is reportedly interested in taking over his favorite Mexican restaurant and wants to go into business with his former father-in-law (via Daily Mirror).

Jamie Spears dabbled in the restaurant business once before, but his last attempt running the kitchen went up in flames. Now that Jamie is signing all of Brit Brit's checks, his recovering daughter is reportedly expected to bankroll this unconventional partnership.



Anonymous said...

Britney to pay K-Fed $375K in attorney fees

LOS ANGELES - Britney Spears was ordered by a court commissioner Monday to pay ex-husband Kevin Federline $375,000 to cover his attorney fees in their child-custody dispute.

Mark Vincent Kaplan, Federline’s lead attorney, had asked for nearly $500,000.

Commissioner Scott Gordon issued the order in response to arguments presented last week.

I think Britney should have been ordered to pay the whole amount. She's caused enough trouble for Kevin already.

Anonymous said...

Again, kevin extorting more money every day and in every way. When does kevin come out his pocket??


Anonymous said...

I want his penis in my mouth. He is sexy. I love him long time.