Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Interview With In Touch Weekly

K-Fed on his two Exes:
“I will always love the mothers of my children, and I will always be there for both of them. I believe that any good energy I put out there brings more good energy into my own life. The relationships with my kids and family will last my whole life and are the most important to me.”
On his kids:
“I spend most of the day chasing my kids around the house. Their needs define my schedule every day.”
On Britney:
“It is so very important to me that my children will always know and never question, that no matter what happens, they have a mommy and daddy who love them very much."
On his long-term goals:
“I’m going to be the best role model for my kids. And if that example helps other young, single dads who might be going through the same experiences that I am right now, it would be a great compliment.”


Gay Guy said...

I would love to kiss the cock and his cock.

Anonymous said...

How I Got to Know (and Love) Perez
by Kevin

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, trying to find a position in the hard wooden desk that wouldn't cause my ass to go numb. Just five more minutes. Five more minutes and then my weekend could begin. I hated remedial education classes. They always seemed to drag on, and this one was no different. And to make matters worse, this particular lecture took place in the oldest classroom on campus, complete with hard wooden chairs circa 1904.

I put my pen down, clenching and unclenching my tired fingers as I continued to listen to the Weekly Reader being read to us. Glancing around the room, I noticed the rest of the class was just as bored as I was. Slumping back into my seat, I crossed my arms and began to wait out the last few agonizing minutes.

"I think we'll end a little early today," the teacher stated, setting his papers down on the desk in front of his.

No sooner had those words exited his mouth than the room was filled with the rustling of papers and the clicking of binder rings as the students gleefully packed up their belongings.

"Oh, one more thing," he shouted above the noise. "If you missed last class I need to speak with you about the project."

"Dammit," I muttered to myself. "I guess the weekend will have to wait a few more minutes."

As the rest of the students filtered out of the room I made my way down to the front. I expected more people to remain behind, but to my surprise only I and one other student were left. Although I didn't know his name, I recognized the teen gay from a few of my classes. Although he was extremely attractive, he always seemed to be by himself. I found this a little strange since the hot ones usually had throngs of friends and followers. He was quiet, which many people, including myself, had often mistaken for snobbiness, and had an air of maturity about his. I knew many of the guys lusted after his, but as far as I knew none had ever come close to getting anything at all. I could count myself among his group of admirers, although I had never even spoken with his. He was about 5'5 with dirty black hair, which he maintained at a medium length with a simple style. His face was gorgeous, and his eyes carried a certain element of shyness which intrigued me. And although his facial features were impeccable, it was his body that took center stage and really made every heterosexual male drool at the site of his. His chests could only be described as perfect. They were full and round, large enough to be considered 'big' but not 'ridiculously big'. His ass, too, was full and round and more than once had I caught myself staring at it as he walked. His voluptuousness was what really set his apart from the other teen gays in the sports medicine program who tended to be either quite toned and muscular, or else a little too skinny for my liking. And although this mystery teen gay's body was amazing, he never dressed in a provocative manor, although this day he was wearing a low cut white top which showed of quite a bit of cleavage for in the campus cross-dressers are in, and a pair of extremely tight jeans showcasing his delicious behind.

"Okay," the teacher began, handing us each a heat of paper. "This is your assignment. Since you two were the only ones to have dropped out of high school, you'll have to be partners. I trust this is okay?"

I had to keep myself from smiling.

"Yes," I answered. "That's okay with me."

Mystery teen gay nodded as well.

"Good," the teacher continued. "Now unfortunately, since you are the last ones to choose a topic your choices will be limited. Also, you will have to take the only remaining presentation time slot which is one week from today."

I groaned. Time goes my weekend.

"Any questions? No? Okay then. Good luck."

With that, the teacher gathered up the rest of his things and headed towards the doorway. I turned to acknowledge my new partner.

"Hi, I'm Perez," he said in a soft voice, extending his hand.

"Kevin," I said with a smile, shaking his hand. His skin was soft and smooth, and his touch was extremely gentle.

"So I guess, we'll have to get going on this thing pretty soon," I said.

Perez nodded.

"Yeah, I'm actually really busy next week, so if we could get it done this weekend that would be great."

I agreed.

"How about Sunday?" he asked, slinging his backpack over his shoulder.

"Sure. Where do you want to work on it?"

"How about my place?" he asked. "I live just off campus. We can each do our research and then meet their to discuss the specifics of the presentation."

"Sounds good."

With that, we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and went our separate ways. Although I was a little pissed off at having to do work over the weekend, I was looking forward to spending a little time alone with Perez. Although I didn't actually think anything would come of it, I was happy nonetheless about being in the presence of such a hot teen gay for any time at all.

I spent Friday night in the library gathering references and getting ideas, before calling Perez on Saturday morning to run them by his. We decided on a general topic and planned to meet Sunday at 2 in the afternoon at his place. I wrote down his address and said goodbye before hanging up the phone.

I awoke on Sunday morning with the sun beating down on my face though the tiny window in my bedroom. I had a feeling it was going to be a good day.

I spent the remainder of the morning organizing my work before heading to the gym for a quick workout. After that, I returned home and had a shower before setting off for Perez's place. Since it was so nice outside I decided to walk, still making the trip in less than thirty minutes. When I arrived at Perez's apartment, I popped a piece of gum into my mouth (just in case) and buzzed his room number. A few seconds passed before I heard his soft, sweet voice over the intercom.

"Come on up," he said, followed by a loud buzzing noise.

I pulled the door open and walked inside, stopping just long enough to check myself out from the reflection in the large glass window. I then made my way to the elevator and headed up to the third floor.

As I reached Perez's door, I checked my breath once more and then knocked.

"Hey," Perez greeted, quietly as he opened the door to find me standing there. "Come on in."

I walked into the small apartment, leaving my shoes by the doorway. Perez was wearing a pair of tiny tight shorts so I was happy to glue my eyes to his ass as I followed his inside. He was also wearing a tiny blue tank top that made his chests look even more perfect that usual. I was actually happy to see his showing a little more skin than normal, and had to really try hard to prevent myself from gazing too long at his body.

"Is it okay if we work in my bedroom?" he asked. "My roommate is coming home soon with some friends and he can be pretty distracting."

"Sure," I responded. "Whatever you say."

I definitely had no problem spending time in Perez's room.

"Sorry about the mess," he warned as I followed his into his room.

"I've been really busy lately."

I laughed. Other than a few clothes on his bed, his room was spotless. Nevertheless, Perez began frantically picking up the stray garments and tossing them into his closet. As I set my backpack down on the bed, he lifted up a pair of pants and a small black plastic object fell to the floor at my feet.

"Oh my God!" Perez gasped, reaching down to snatch the thing back up.

It took me a moment to realize, but it was a vibrator! I just stood there stunned as he grabbed the small makeshift plastic penis and tossed it into his closet along with his clothes. By this time, Perez's face had turned a bright shade of red and I could tell he was severely embarrassed. And I had to admit I couldn't blame him. This makes him so shy that I need to come close to him to ease the shyness so we can start the project early. He was se tensed and I can feel him shaking when he accidentally touched my cock, This made it very hard and I had to kiss him. He responded and we began making love. As I couldn’t stand it anymore I thrust my hard-on cock in his virginal asshole. This made him shout for pain but nevertheless made me continue on what I am doing. I love making out with him. He kissed me passionately when his roommate arrived. His roommate was shocked but enjoyed the scene, undress himself and joined the party. We ended up sexing up to 5 in the morning and I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I may actually buy that issue.

Anonymous said...

You'll find that story in Man Meat magazine.

Anonymous said...

if he didn't marry britney he would left sean and jayden in a road cause he doesn't have money enough