Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kevin Turns 30 In Las Vegas

Kevin Federline celebrated his 30th birthday in Las Vegas on Friday night.
The dancer-turned-musician-turned-actor hit up Pure Nightclub at Caesar's Palace, a popular spot that has also seen parties hosted by Federline's ex, Britney Spears, and friend Paris Hilton.
Sporting his trademark faux-hawk, Federline entered the party dressed in a gray suit and wearing a light blue shirt. He told People he felt "great" about turning the big 3-0.

Federline attended the soiree with around 20 friends, People reported. His posse included family members and his custody attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan.
Once inside, Federline met up with his ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson, with whom he has two children.
People reported Federline sang along to music from Kanye West and Jay-Z and his own song, "Lose Control." He also spent the evening drinking from a bottle of Jack Daniels, the magazine's Web site claimed.
Federline told fans to have "a good time," and said he lost his "voice at the craps tables and I lost all my money," People reported.
No worries necessarily though, as a judge ordered Federline's legal fees in the amount of $375,000 to be paid by Britney, earlier this week.

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Anonymous said...

As my birthday present to Kevin, I would let him give me a wet, messy, and warm facial.

Candy Kane McGee said...

Did he borrow that suit from his grandpa?

Anonymous said...

funny how you picked the one article or video that doesnt mention him getting booed off the stage,lol and eddie having to drag him off the stage

Anonymous said...

How does he celebrate? Leave the kids with a bodyguard and nanny. Wow just wow.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kevin is getting a little frisky with himself.

"There's a party in my pants, and I'm the guest of honor!"...

Anonymous said...

Delusional bitches. Your hero was booed, again.

Anonymous said...

boo fag