Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kevin's Acting Career Gets A Boost

Kevin Federline's custody battle with ex-wife Britney Spears is doing wonders for the rapper's fledgling acting career.

After appearing briefly in episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and One Tree Hill, Federline's career really seems to be taking off, according to his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Kaplan says, "He is evaluating two or three opportunities right now and he'll decide shortly which one he wants to put his energy into."

The attorney is quick to point out that Federline's sons Sean Preston and Jayden James come first: "Regardless which job he chooses, it won't require him to be away from his children on any extensive basis." Federline won full and physical custody of his two sons last month (Jan08).

Hmmm ... It's nice to see Fed-ex act like he's not TOTALLY dependent on Britney Spears' child support payments to him!



Anonymous said...

No surprise there, I always figured Kevin's celebrity career was long term. It's only the media who made out Kevin to be "totally" dependent on Britney in the first place. He's been working since they met and done really quite the wide variety of work.

Catie said...

I hope we will see him soon in a new movie :)

Anonymous said...

this is what the world needs....we set people like kevin federline as an example. wtf??? who the f*&^% thought it was okay to put him on the cover of DETAILS??? And then deemed him influential??? What has he accomplished??? NOTHING! He's not educated, doesn't have a business....doesn't make his own money. Doesn't devote his life to a cause or helps society. He gained custody of two kids he could care less for, but only takes them under his wing because their mother is a wreck.

I wrote a letter to DETAILS magazine arguing how on earth he is INFLUENTIAL!!!! He's a sperm donor!! He's done nothing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who in hollywood have an education beside the few classy actress and actors. kevin will have a career he should keep doing what he doing .

Anonymous said...

As long as he plays uneducated wiggers, he'll do fine.