Saturday, February 16, 2008

E! Online reports possible interview

How hard up is Kevin to earn a buck on his own?

A major cable network has offered Kevin $200,000 for a sit-down, sources reveal to E! News exclusively—and he's seriously considering the offer.

"Of course, he's [also] been offered as much as a half million dollars for an interview," said a source close to Kevin. "But he'd have to talk about Britney."

That, however, is the one topic Federline has insisted is off-limits.

"But it doesn't matter, he can still make some money without talking about Britney," says a Kevin pal.

Really? So, what is K-Fed gonna talk about?

"He wants to talk about his acting, which he wants to do more of," said Kevin's friend. "And about his music producing, which he's still into."

And he'll talk about his struggles as a single dad.

"He can talk about fatherhood, without going into all the stuff with Britney," reveals our insider. "He can talk about everything else, just not his ex-wife directly."

Our source declined to say which cable company is negotiating with Kevin, but Federline may be waiting to see if he can drum up a competing offer, according to another source close to the negotiations.

Kevin's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, and manager, Dan Dymtrow, are reportedly helping him set up the deal, which first came up three weeks ago.

A call to Kaplan's office for comment was not returned.

"True, $200,000 is a lot of money," the insider close to the negotiations said. "But believe it or not, there could be people willing to pay even more."

Given the legal wrangling over Britney's estate, we say go for what you can, Kevin. Somebody's gonna have to put Sean Preston and Jayden James through college, and it may not be mommy.



Catie said...

It would be cool if Kev did an interview and told something about kids and his acting, modelling or music plans for the future.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear about his plans and the kids.

Anonymous said...

he will sell his kids out,nothing new!

Anonymous said...

he has never sold his kids out. have you ever seen one picture of the kids when they are in his care? has he done a photoshoot with them? no - and he never will. he doesn't parade them around town the way Britney did! he tries to give them as normal a life as possible!

Anonymous said...


He sold pics of Sean and Jayden's birtday party to Life & Style magazine! Remember...the pics where they had pink eye???

Anonymous said...

He's so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

fucking gold digger of course he sold them out poor sean & JJ are meal ticket brit will previle nasty dirt bag

Anonymous said...

How show of u he sold those pic and not some friends or family who were at the party? Give the guy a break. Glad he ant nothinging to do withhis ex.