Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kevin Federline Back in Studio

Kevin Federine may be a stay-at-home dad, but apparently he's still interested in working for a living.

Not one to sit around eating bonbons all day, Kevin Federline has been cranking out new tunes in his home studio and is planning to give the music biz another try, sources tell E! Online.

But the "PopoZ√£o" purveyor, whose debut album, Playing with Fire, sold barely 20,000 copies, is supposedly an ex-aspiring rapper now.

"Kevin has been actively producing, nurturing new artists and doing it all from his home studio, so he can be there for his kids whenever they need him," said a source close to Federline. "He loves the music business and is committed to making it a career for himself, even if it's not as a singer.

"He knows no one will ever take him seriously as a performer, so he's working behind the scenes as a producer."

That K-Fed is looking more levelheaded every day.



Anonymous said...

Well good for him, I look forward to seeing what he's been up to. Who knows, if he keeps doing things like acting as a rock star, and if people like what he does as a producer, maybe at some point he can give another album another shot. But if that doesn't happen, acting is definitely a good option for him too.

Anonymous said...

Good for you kevin! Keep up the good works!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope he will have success in the future as a whatever, so he can pay his bills all alone - and not with Brit's money!