Thursday, January 03, 2008

Britney Shows Up For Deposition

According to X17, Britney missed her scheduled deposition today (3rd): "Britney was scheduled to be deposed this morning at 9:45, but didn't leave her house until after 10. Sam is telling reporters that Britney is, indeed, a no-show.

According to the OK!, Kaplan may already be headed to the courthouse "to ask the judge to dismiss Britney's custody claim and give Kevin permanent custody.

"Perhaps there is a mix up for when the deposition is scheduled. According to documents released by TMZ just a few weeks ago, Britney was not scheduled to appear in court until the 8th and 9th of January, with a follow up in February of 08. We'll see.


She showed up late but sources tell us that Britney Spears finally showed up to her court-appointed deposition on Thursday. Spears was supposed to be deposed on Wednesday, but she didn't show up. It was the fifth time that the mother of two had flaked on K-Fed's lawyers.

The former pop star was luckily given the chance of doing her depo today. This time she showed. Finally. Today's deposition is only the first part. Spears is expected to undergo more questioning at a later time, we're told.

Source :

Slightly before noon, Brit emerged from Kaplan's office and drove off with her assistant Carla now along for the ride. Why such a short deposition? "It had been scheduled from 9:45 to 11:45 so she could be back home in time to be there when the boys arrived for their visitation day," explains an insider.

"This was basically a big F-U to Kaplan by Britney. She showed up as late as she possibly could and left as quickly as she could." Britney arrived back at her Beverly Hills home shortly after noon and is now with her visiting children. Kaplan is expected to say a few words to the press soon.


TMZ was in Century City, Calif. as Brit Brit came -- and went -- from her scheduled deposition today. Why the rush?! As K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan explained, the depo was originally scheduled to go from 9:45 to 11:45 AM. It poses a little bit of a problem when the person who is to be deposed shows up almost two hours late!

Kaplan says the proceedings started around 11:32 AM and he was able to fire off a few questions before having to end at the scheduled time -- thirteen minutes later. So much for asking deep questions!

So why was the popwreck so tardy? He wouldn't say. But he did say another depo has been scheduled. As for seeking sanctions against her, Kaplan says he hasn't decided yet. But he might, if her behavior caused his client -- K-Fed -- any undue "hardships." Hasn't she already?


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