Friday, January 04, 2008

Britney Rushed To Hospital While Looking After Kids

Britney Spears is defying court-mandated custody hours by refusing to turn over her sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline's bodyguard.

The pop star was due to turn over Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, at 7 p.m. PST. Federline's bodyguard arrived at her home to pick them up, but Spears would not budge. She has been with the kids since noon Thursday.

Ninety minutes later, police arrived."There have been police sent to that residence," an officer tells "We don't know anymore at this time, but apparently they've arrived."

Spears' attorney, Sorrell Trope, tells Us, "In a normal case when someone shows up with a certified court order saying the kids need to be somewhere else, the police see to it that the order is obeyed. But that is in a normal case."

Spears had shown up for a custody deposition Thursday afternoon (after skipping two depositions in the past month) but left after about 45 minutes. "She was cooperative," Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said. "There has been no change in anything. It will be continued to another date, which I will not say at this time."

On Wednesday, Trope sought permission from the court to end his representation of the singer. A source told "[His firm] couldn’t reign her in. No one can, and it's an embarrassment in front of the judge."Spears, 26, lost shared custody of her sons in October.


At 11:45pm, Britney was taken out of her gated community in an ambulance! Escorted by 13 police cars with sirens blaring and full police lights on, the troubled star is being taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for observation. "We are concerned about her mental state and believe she may be under the influence," an LAPD officer reveals to OK!.

OK! has learned that only younger son Jayden James was with Britney during the standoff. Witnesses confirm that Sean Preston was taken away by Kevin's security team earlier in the evening.

Source: OK!

He is a good guy! Federline arrived to Cedars Sinai around 12:20 A.M., has learned.

Kevin is worried about the mother of his children, who was rushed to the hospital after being found by police under the influence of an unknown substance and illegally keeping Tater Tot and Small Fry hostage.


Britney arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at approximately 12:30am PT. Her pal Sam Lutfi attempted to enter, but was not allowed to see her. K-Fed's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan is also on hand, telling OK!, "I actually don't know what is going on."

Source: OK!

At this point nothing has been confirmed about why she was taken into hospital, and we don't know how much the kids saw if anything so I think we should reserve judgements and just pray for Britney. Pictures have shown her sitting up which is a good sign it's nothing too serious.


Catie said...

I hope Sean and Jayden are OK. It must have been a terrible experience for them.

Anonymous said...

This is scary.

Anonymous said...


I really hope Britney gets help! She is just crying out for Help, even though you're all in a legal fight lend a hand, get her family in there to help her before it's too late.
Good luck - I'm sure doing this in the media is a million times harder then if it was a private matter.

obviousgirl said...

Poor her, I was really hoping that she wouldn't hit a wall or rock bottom this hard. I'd like to think it wouldn't have gotten this far and this bad if the press had just backed the hell off a long time ago. I can't stand the tackiness of some of these articles. They make like having an emotional breakdown this serious or mental issues is a joke and the people that are going through it should be mocked. And the tabloid shows pretending like they care by doing round the clock coverage is appalling.

I hope during this scary time for her that she realizes that she needs help and that it’s ok to need and want help and finally reach out to those who really cared about her and wanted to help her before it seemed like she pushed them away. I hope she gets rid of or tunes out the others that only cared about her as a popstar or an image/product.

Perez needs to just stop reporting (or ripping off others news and calling it his own) and crawl into dark dank pit. He’s got no room to judge or be snide given his past.

Anonymous said...

No one would even know who Kfed was if it wasn't for Britney! It's just to bad that she did not see his true colors before she married him. It is obvious why he wound up with Britney (for the publicity and the money) because I doubt without that connection he would have ever been famous!!!! It is pathetic the way Britney can not have any type of privacy what so ever, she is a human being even if she is famous she should be able to go about her life without having cameras following her and asking her idiotic questions all the time. Just because SHE is famous does not mean that she wants to be in the spot light 24/7so what if she went out partying after getting a divorce, Who has not done that? Maybe she could get her life back together and be able to focus on her children if people would just leave her alone and let her have some peace. after this latest incident is it not obvious that she needs time to get back on track? Stress can do so much damage mentally and physically to a person, but only they can make the changes neccesary to cope with lifes stressors. God bless britney you are in my prayers