Thursday, January 24, 2008

Britney Pal Sam Lutfi Deposed by K-Fed Lawyer

Britney Spears confidante Sam Lutfi was deposed Thursday by Kevin Federline's lawyer, a source confirms.

Lutfi has avoided the questioning for months, having evaded being served a notice to appear by Federline's legal team.

Last August, former Israeli commando Aaron Cohen, hired by lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, tried to subpoena Lutfi by boxing in his car in L.A., but failed to serve him.

Lutfi was finally served on Nov. 7 "in the parking lot of a place in Hollywood," Kaplan told PEOPLE, but pulled a no-show for at least one appointment in November.

Kaplan is gathering evidence in a series of legal interviews of former Spears associates to prepare for trial in April for Federline's request for primary physical custody of the ex-couple's children.

Spears herself has only completed two sessions to date, after missing numerous appointments with Kaplan.



Anonymous said...

KFed and his legal team are such fucking lowlives.

ObviousGirl said...

Yeah and Lufti is citizen of the year.

Anonymous said...

Lufti is being called forth not because of any special knowledge, but rather as a visual cue on the life Britney is leading.

Before any of the resident scum on Team Kevin call him out for looking like a lowlife, look into how the public judged Kevin similarly. The only difference is that Lufti is overweight, while Kevin is acknowledged as attractive among you dimwits.