Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Britney Misses Hearing, K-Fed Keeps Kids

Britney Spears still may not visit her children, a court commissioner ruled Monday, following a custody hearing the pop singer missed.

Kevin Federline, who testified at the session, maintains sole legal and physical custody of their two sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1, "indefinitely," a court spokesman says.

"The word victory is not something Mr. Federline or his counsel would ascribe to this situation," Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said. "His hope is that he will be able to parent the children at some point in the future with participation from the mother."

In a bizarre and chaotic scene outside the courthouse, Spears arrived for the afternoon session of the proceedings – but abruptly left the courthouse after paparazzi surrounded her.

"I'm scared. I want to get in the car. I'm going in the car," she said after stepping out of the car as photographers crowded around her.

Spears, 26, then got back in the car. Police tried to coax her out, but she slammed her back against the seat and shouted, "No!" Spears's car eventually drove off.

Church and Lunch
Spears, who had also missed the morning session, then drove to the Little Brown Church near her home in Studio City, where she went inside briefly.

"She wasn't even there for long, just in and out," said assistant pastor Michael Kosik, who noted that even though Spears was wearing white she "did not try to get married." "I think she just needed to get away."

Spears then had lunch at the Gaucho Grill with her paparazzi pal Adnan Ghalib, friend Sam Lutfi and a third man.

"Britney was very quiet and seemed sad and upset," the singer's waitress says. "She wore her sunglasses inside. ... She seemed drained."

The court hearing had focused on Spears's four-hour Jan. 3 standoff with police, firefighters and paramedics at her Studio City home. Events that evening resulted in Spears being hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and later being stripped of visitation rights.

Five witnesses testified at the hearing, including two police officers, the court-appointed custody monitor and Federline's bodyguard – who all were at Spears's house during the standoff. Also testifying was a parenting coach who was not at the scene.

A trial in the case is set for April.

Source: people.com


Anonymous said...

That's so sad. Why couldn't the photogs leave her alone? She needs to be with her boys - as they need her mother. I really hope Kevin finds a way out of this dirty custody battle, so that Britney gets help of him and her family and that they can have a normal relationship and rise their sons together again... But in the moment, it doesn't seem to me that he really wants her to get well again... I think his lawyer is sanctimonious. Maybe he is, too. Don't hope so...

Catie said...

Why isn't she scared of paparazzi when she's at the gas station? She is stupid, if she cared about the kids she would go to the court.

ObviousGirl said...

How is it that Kevin wanting sole custody of the kids while Britney's somewhat spiraling out of control, equals him not wanting her to get well? She's obviously not in the right mental state to take care of those kids (or maybe even be around them) or herself and she can't get help unless she wants help.

And no she isn't stupid for being scared of the paparazzi, she has a mental illness and it's got her all over the place emotionally. So she's just going through the motions of it. The fact that the papz and every other media outlet have upped the anty when it comes to stalking her as of late its seems normal for her to go from ok to frustrated and then just plain afraid of them.

Anonymous said...

Britney is a pathetic, pill-popping, alcoholic whore who can't control herself, let alone take care of kids.

This is a victory for the kids. Britney needs to get her act together, and stop whoring around with married men and showing her naked pussy in public.