Friday, January 04, 2008

Britney Loses Visitation Rights

Britney Spears lost her child-visitation rights Friday following her 72-hour lockdown for a mental evaluation.

Kevin Federline is "awarded sole legal custody and sole physical custody of the minor children," court Commissioner Scott Gordon said in a written ruling after an emergency hearing.

Gordon said Spears's "visitation with the minor children is suspended pending further order of the court."

The order is in effect until Jan. 14.

After the 40-minute hearing, Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said: "There are no winners here."

He said he was "not happy about any of the events that have happened."

Police responded to Spears's house on Thursday night after she refused to turn over the boys to Federline's bodyguard after a visitation day. Kaplan arrived at the house "to bring a document ... that identified the existing court order" about custody, he earlier told the Associated Press.

"I was up at the guard gate where (she) lives," he told AP. "I did not go in" to the home.

On Friday, Kaplan and Spears's attorney met privately with the judge in his chambers, then returned in the afternoon for a closed hearing.

Spears, meanwhile, is not facing any criminal charges – for now.

"The LAPD is not planning to file any charges against Ms. Spears at this time," Officer April Harding tells PEOPLE. "The investigation is ongoing."



Anonymous said...


We won! Kevin gets full custody. I bet the judge will double his child support now that he's a full time daddy.

Anonymous said...

^ Someone thinks they're clever. Sorry things have gone so badly for Britney, but going to Kevin's site to spew a little venom isn't going to change anything.

Most Kevin fans wish Britney the best. She is after all the mother of two of his children, and her being ill is not good for anyone.

Anonymous said...

full time dadd y that go to party lol
this kids will grow up bad, with an example like kevin!

Anonymous said...

From memory didn't the father of Britney's children fail to pay child support for the two children from his previous relationship. I guess that was until he fooled Britney into believing he was 'Mr Right' for her and got on the gravy train so she paid literally all his expenses. Does he ever earn his own money doing an honest days work? What a man! What a role model for his children, i.e., don't work kids - sucker someone else into paying your expenses.

Anonymous said...

he will suffer his kids one day,cause he is selfish,just look at the way he treated britney or shar or his other too kids.

he is not a man

Anonymous said...

Most Kevin fans want the bitch to sober up and try being a mother. She parties too much, her career is going into the toilet, she tries to steal the kids, and keeps TWO loaded firearms around the house.

Best thing for her is to be committed to a lunatic asylum.

Anonymous said...

3:08pm Speak for yourself! Don't say most of Kevin's fans because that is simply not true. I would bet that the majority of Kevin's fans, while we are relieved that Kevin is taking care of the children, do not wish Britney anything bad. She needs to get well - she is not well now. Kevin himself has said many times that he has not desire to cut her out of the kids' lives - he just wants the best for them. And, him having them at this time is the best thing for them.

Anonymous said...

Most of us "real" Kevin fans remember how that bitch broke up with him, by sending him text messages. While on tour. In front of cameras.

You are just a bitter Britney fan.

Screw Britney. Lock her up and throw away the key.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:17 pm:
But didn't he cheat on her?! He left her as he left Shar (ok, they were still together, but she was at home with the kids - where did he was?!). I bet he knew that she got ill after giving birth the first time. And instead of helping her and stick by her side, he tried to come out as a rapper and left her. They married and said "throught the good AND the bad days". THIS is bad days now!
I don't hate him. When I saw "chaotic", I really thought, he really felt for her. But what are we Britney-Fans supposed to think, if we just read, he wants to have more money, she has to pay his lawyer and so on?! I hope one day we will see that we are wrong and you are right... For both of them - Kevin and Britney.