Friday, June 29, 2007

Kevin Resists Signing Off On Britney Divorce

Kevin Federline's camp has resisted signing final divorce papers out of concern over Britney Spears's recent behavior, a source close to Federline tells PEOPLE.

Under an agreement reached in March, the pair – once they sign the documents – would continue their interim arrangement of joint legal and physical custody of their two sons.

"Britney's attorneys are anxious to see Kevin sign off on a divorce," the source says. "But Kevin and his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan are dragging their heels out of concern over reports of Britney's post-rehab partying."

Federline's camp, the source adds, "wants to make sure that the divorce document makes it simple enough for Kevin to downsize Britney's access to her kids the next time her behavior troubles him."

Spears, 25, who left Promises rehab center in March, has been hitting the nightclub and restaurant scene recently. As PEOPLE magazine reports this week, she was spotted drinking two rum-based cocktails at Benvenuto Caffé on June 21, the same day she bought a $19.99 parakeet and domed cage.

"She had a couple of cocktails," the restaurant's maitre d', Sergio Cobin, tells PEOPLE. "She was in a great mood." (Another employee confirms she drank alcohol and "left a big tip.")

Spears's lawyer Laura Wasser, says: "I do not feel it's appropriate to comment the personal life or legal positions of my client." Federline's lawyer also didn't comment.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rumor: Kevin worried about Britney

US Weekly reports the following story:

Kevin Federline Worried About Britney
Wednesday June 27, 2007

Is Britney Spears in need of help?

Kevin Federline believes so. “He thinks she’s mentally unstable and too young to be a mom,” a source close to Federline, 29, tells Us Weekly, adding that the father of Spears’ two sons (Sean, 21 months, and Jayden, 9 months) “expects full custody of his children one day.”

(The two now share custody, but their divorce is not final.)

Indeed, the pop singer’s life has seemed chaotic lately.

As Us Weekly reported last week, Spears, 25, has been drinking again, and despite Lynne Spears' desire to patch things up with her oldest daughter, their feud continues; in fact, a source tells Us Spears is considering filing a restraining order against Lynne because “she doesn’t like that [Lynne] goes to Kevin’s to see the kids.”

(No paperwork has been filed at presstime.)

Still, Spears’ boys remain a priority: On June 22, she went shopping for them at Babies “R” Us and took them two evenings later to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, to watch the fireworks. And for the moment, Federline will be keeping a close eye on her.

Says a pal, “He loves his kids and, to that extent, he will look after Britney.”


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shar Jackson proves she is not pregnant Kevin Federline's child

Watch exclusive video from

Shar Jackson uses a home pregnancy test to show that she is indeed not pregnant although rumors and accusations have said otherwise. First she goes to the drugstore and buys two tests. Next it's back to her managers office where Shar disappears into the women's bathroom for three minutes and comes back with the results. **US sales must mention that the pregnancy test was done in association with 'In Touch' magazine**


Monday, June 25, 2007

Kevin Federline is "working on a couple projects"

TMZ reports that Kevin's "peeps" told them that Kevin was "working on a couple projects to be announced the near future." This occurred at the 3rd Annual DJ Irie Weekend Kickoff Party at Cameo in Miami on Friday, hosted by Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

DJ Irie Weekend Party at Cameo Hosted By Jamie Foxx - Arrivals

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Like Father Like Son

In a just-released photo taken on May 23rd, a then-20 month old Sean Preston Federline was snapped riding a Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade ($250) around -- mom Britney Spears was riding a go-kart near him at the same time.

Source: and

Taking tips from his daddy! Kevin cruising in his Ferrari last year.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kevin Federline's Nationwide commercial dancer is finalist on So You Think You Can Dance

Rockledge's Peralta dances on

Hal Boedeker | Sentinel Television Critic
Posted June 20, 2007

The pressure of performing on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance is relentless, said finalist Jessi Peralta, who grew up in Rockledge. Last week, she had to go to the hospital for severe dehydration.

"I feel fine now," Peralta, 25, said Tuesday. "It's nonstop. We have a curfew. We can't go out after the show. We're like in lockdown."

Oh, but what a place to be. Peralta is among the 18 finalists who will perform at 8 tonight on WOFL-Channel 35. Two more dancers will be ejected in the results show at 9 p.m. Thursday.

"Winning the show would open a lot of opportunities to do bigger jobs, to travel, to do this for a living," Peralta said. "I still have to have a 40-hour day job."

Peralta, who lives in Valley Village, Calif., has taken a leave from her job at an upscale bowling alley. She has danced at the Apollo in front of President Clinton and performed with Kevin Federline in a Nationwide Insurance commercial that played during the Super Bowl. So You Think You Can Dance has given her the greatest exposure.

"It's a great opportunity for dancers to get recognition," Peralta said. "We're always in the background. We have a shorter shelf life. We have to portray a story without speaking, which I believe can be more difficult. I say this on behalf of all the kids: We want people to appreciate us."


Picture with other dancer's from Nationwide commercial:

Kevin Federline a "mover and shaker" on Lycos

Biggest Movers and Shakers for Week Ending June 16, 2007:
Posted : Wed, 20 Jun 2007 11:36:00 GMT
Author : LYCOS, Inc.

1. Vince McMahon 9,800%
2. The Sopranos 219%
3. Father's Day 209%
4. Barry Bonds 200%
5. Kevin Federline 200%
6. Cycling 114%
7. Al Jazeera 113%
8. World Cup 78%
9. The Landlord 73%
10. Katie Couric 71%


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kevin and Shar deny pregnancy rumors, Star sticks to their story, Shar hires a lawyer

Kevin Federline's publicist Marilyn Lopez has denied Shar's pregnancy rumors to E! News, saying "It's not true at all." As well, Shar has reported to Ryan Seacreast, "There is absolutely no action going on in my uterus. I heard you have to have sex to actually get pregnant. No. It’s not happening. And I just got a tummy tuck a few months. And I don’t want to ruin my new body." Asked how she thought the speculation got started, Jackson replied: "It’s unfortunate that some people have a problem that I’m cool with my ex, my kids’ father." Source:

Star magazine in the meantime is sticking to their story. "When Kevin heard about the story in Star today, he called up Shar and asked her if she was pregnant and she told him 'yes.'" Star reports. "Kevin asked Shar to deny that she's pregnant ... at least for now, until they've both had time to figure out what to do." Source:

Now TMZ reports that Shar has hired a lawyer to fight against Star magazine's claims.

TMZ has learned Shar Jackson has hired attorney George Gallegos in her fight against Star Magazine's claims that she is pregnant once again with ex Kevin Federline's baby. Popozao!

Shar, who denies the mag's claim, says her children are being affected by the rumors, and told TMZ through her rep, "When my kids hear things at school and then ask me if they are getting a new brother or sister, I have to put my foot down."

TMZ has also learned that Shar is willing to prove to the magazine that she is not pregnant, and tells Star's editor-in-chief, Bonnie Fuller, "I stand by my truth by offering you an EPT test if you stand by yours and reveal your 'source' to me."


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shar Jackson interviewed about Kevin Federline and rumors

Jackson sat down for an exclusive interview with to set the record straight.

Us: How do you think the pregnancy rumor started?
Shar Jackson: Honestly, some people are just really unhappy that me and Kevin have a great friendship. Obviously some people can't handle that. Some people like to start stuff to make their little lives better.

Us: So for the record, you are not pregnant.
SJ: Not at all. I am not pregnant. Have you seen my new stomach? Are you kidding me? I am not going to ruin that. That is so stupid. Not only is it stupid but it's unhealthy. I could die. So obviously the person who made this up isn't that bright. Let your readers know there is no way in hell I would waste $16,000 on a tummy tuck and get pregnant. I have no time and no plans to get pregnant any time soon. And when I say I have no time, I'm talking years. So whoever's hating should stop and focus on their own problems.

Us: And you are not interested in getting back together with Kevin Federline?
SJ: No. I am single and I am loving that. But he is one of my best friends and that isn't going to change no matter what anyone says or does.

Us: What do you think about Lynne and Britney Spears' possible reconciliation?
SJ: They need to work it out. They are mother and daughter. They need to talk already.

Us: And you've become friends with Lynne?
SJ: Yes. You know what? She's a really nice lady... It was easy for us to get along once we met.

Us: What do you think of Britney's state right now?
SJ: That's her journey and nothing will change until she wants it to. She doesn't think she has a problem so I don't see her changing anytime soon in my personal opinion. So it is what it is.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shar Denies Pregnancy Rumours

Shar Jackson is denying recent reports that she’s is pregnant with Kevin Federline’s child. In fact, she is not pregnant at all.

"It is not even remotely true,” Jackson’s rep tells Federline's rep also insists the rumors are "not true."

The erroneous story originated in this week’s Star magazine, which reported that Jackson, 30, is six weeks along with Federline’s child.
Jackson and Federline, 29, have two children together, a daughter Kori, 4, and a son Kaleb, 2. The Ex Wives Club star also has two children from a previous relationship.
Federline also has two sons with Britney Spears, Sean, 21 months, and Jayden, 9 months.

Well that was short-lived!

Rumour: Shar Jackson Pregnant With Kevin's Baby

ABC is not going to like this. Shar Jackson is on a show called "The Ex-Wives Club" where she helps other women and men move past their exes. Well, obviously Shar hasn't moved past her ex, because she's knocked up with his baby! That would make child #5 for KFed! Yup, he's a pimp.

According to Star Magazine Shar is in her 7th week. They report that while Britney was at Promises KFed and Shar got it on again. Shar is apparently sure it's KFed's, because she hasn't slept with anyone else.

A source said, “Shar wants to tell Kevin, but she keeps getting cold feet! She’s really scared of what he’ll say – if he’ll be excited or furious. What if he doesn’t want another kid?’ After all with her two, and Brit’s two, he’s got his hands full already! It would be Shar’s dream for them to get married and have another baby. She’d love to be living the family life with Kevin.”

Someone get a camera over to Britney's crib now! I NEEEEED to this the look on her face when she hears this news. Actually, get her spot at Promises ready, because she's going to be back in any day now.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Jayden James Federline!

Finally a clear front shot. Adorable. :) More at

Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Pictures Of Jayden and Sean

Click images to see full size.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kevin Not To Be In Movie

Despite a report heralding Kevin Federline's big-screen debut, K-Fed will not be hitting your neighborhood movie theatre anytime soon.

A story out today claims that Britney's ex will have a role in the Fox Searchlight flick Night Watch, starring Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker, but it just ain't so.

"This is not true," a studio rep tells "Kevin Federline was not cast."

The rep explains that Federline, 29, was considered for a minor role in the film, "but it didn't work out due to his availability and our shooting schedule, and someone else was cast."

Excuse us for a moment...K-Fed's not available?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lynne Spears backs out of The View

Lynne Spears is no longer listed as a Wednesday guest on The View. I wonder what the story is behind that.

Update: According to, E! News reported that Lynne canceled due to illness. If this is true, I hope she feels better soon and perhaps she will reschedule.

Lynne Spears to appear on The View

Pic: Lynne Spears visits Kevin, Sean Preston, and Jayden James at Kevin's house on February 22, 2007, right after Britney entered rehab for the 3rd time. Britney went on to complete the program.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 - Lynne Spears to appear on The View

Alison's note: There have been a lot of questions and rumors about Britney's rehab stay and the current state of her relationship with her family, Kevin, and children. Lynne may clear some of it up.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Kevin Federline Attends A Wedding

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