Saturday, December 29, 2007

Old Details Interview

With Kevin doing a new Details cover I thought we'd take a trip down memory lane to his first Details interview done in early 2005. I found it to be one of the most in depth interviews he's ever done.

On January 2, Details sat down in Santa Monica for an exclusive interview with Britney Spears’ new husband, Kevin Federline. About 15 minutes into the discussion, Britney, who had finished a workout a bit early, decided to join in. What follows is the better part of a remarkably candid conversation.
Details: People know little about you other than the fact that you’re a dancer who’s married to Britney Spears. Are you done dancing professionally?
Kevin Federline: I think so. I mean, I’ll always dance for fun. That’s my passion. That was my reason for coming out to L.A. from Fresno in the first place. I quit my job. I quit everything I knew and came out here.

Details: What were you doing back in Fresno?
KF: Nothing. Shit, I was delivering pizzas and up to no good.

Details: Define “up to no good.”
KF: Oh, man. We won’t go there. We definitely won’t go there. Use your imagination. I just needed to get out of town . . . to get out of the situations I was in. So when I was a teenager, I started dancing for this nonprofit organization called Dance Empowerment. It helped get kids off the street. I did that for a couple years and started getting good. So I came out to L.A., and two weeks later I went on tour with a group called LFO, which was opening for Britney. I was on the road with her for, like, two months. I’ll tell you one thing, dude—I never thought that any of this shit would happen.

Details: Did you meet her?
KF: Yeah, we met. A bunch of us went out one time in a big group. That was just when she was starting to get big. She was, like, what, 18? I was, like, 22. So I wasn’t even thinking about her like that, you know what I’m saying? Shit, a few years down the road, and a couple tours later, I wound up meeting her ass again, and here we are.

Details: You didn’t find her a little hot?
KF: No, I wasn’t even really in that mind frame. I just got out of a long relationship, and I felt free for the first time. I was making money— legally. I was doing my part, you know, supporting my ass.

Details: Where did you live when you first moved out here?
KF: With six people in a fucking one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood. And then I went on tour with Pink for about a year, and by the time that tour was coming to an end I wound up getting a place with a buddy. We lived together for a couple years, until I met Shar. I did that whole thing for a couple years. So, that’s been it. Pretty crazy.

Details: Were you ready to be a father?
KF: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I always wanted to be a young dad. I didn’t know if I was going to be with the mother forever, but I knew whenever I did have children, I was going to love them more than anything. I just had my daughter [Kori] for a week, and taking her home sucked, man. I mean, I’m doing what I have to do, but it’s tough.

Details: And you have a new baby now?
KF: Yeah, I have a baby son named Kaleb. [Believe it or not, his full name is Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline.] He’s about 6 months old now. And he’s getting fat, too. Kori was a fat baby too. Man, she was just big. She looked like she was gonna be a damn football player.

Details: People made a big deal about you hooking up with Britney while Shar was pregnant with Kaleb, didn’t they?
KF: Yeah, they made a big deal.

Details: Is that hard to swallow?
KF: Um, not really, because I know the truth. They can say I’m a bad father. They can say I cheated. They can say whatever. But I know, and that’s all that matters. If my daughter was here right now, you’d be able to tell by the look on her face that I’m the best damn dad in the world. So I don’t pay too much attention to stuff like that. Sure, I read it, you know. I see it on TV. I just laugh about it. The press should be paying attention to shit other than what’s going on with my wife and me.
Britney Spears: Well, I think a lot of Americans want to sit there and know they are being taken care of by the president. They don’t want to think about war and death. This is just me thinking here, but I don’t think a lot of people want to face the reality of what’s going on in the world. They want to be entertained. It’s like a distraction. People want to live a fantasy. You know what I mean? So Kevin and I, or any other celebrities, are a distraction.

Details: But you’ve been dealing with it for years. How do you think Kevin’s handling himself?
BS: Nothing gets to him. A lot of it has to do with the way he was brought up. He had to work for what he wanted. I think when you’re humble and you’re grateful for things, you look at life differently. You don’t get caught up in it so much. There are a lot of shallow people in Hollywood that would run with it, you know. Not my man. And that’s why I married him, because he’s not a shallow motherfucker Hollywood-actor guy.
KF: Yeah, baby!
BS:I’ve met grown men in this business that are a lot older than Kevin and they think I’m this dumb blonde, because I’m quote–Britney Spears–unquote. Men in Hollywood are just—oh, my God, it’s horrible. Babe, am I talking too much?
KF: Yeah, go away. [He laughs and hugs her.]
BS: Is it okay if I stay? I miss you when I’m not with you.
KF: I don’t care.

Details: I certainly don’t mind. Unless, of course, you have some reason not to trust the press.
BS: Ha, ha. I need to create my own magazine. People are just way too obsessed with celebrity. Look at Us Weekly. I think the same guy who does Rolling Stone does Us Weekly. He’s this big old fat man. And he—I don’t know—like, all of them get so pumped up about it, and they take everything so seriously.

Details: Well, people think Kevin is with you for your money.
KF: Oh, yeah.
BS: Well, time will tell, mother-chuckers. You know what I mean? We’re going to be together forever. We know that, and that’s the only thing that matters.
KF: People can write whatever they want. What you hear about in all of those bullshit-ass magazines is bullshit. Look, my shit stinks like everybody else. I think the best thing that I’ll ever have going for me is that I am me, you know what I mean? All the bullshit—about cheating, or my relationship with my kids—doesn’t get to me. You know, fuck, Britney and I have been through a lot of shit. But not once have we ever fought about anything that we’ve read in the tabloids.

Details: Did anyone give you a hard time for getting married so quickly?
KF: Our parents were telling us to take our time. But I mean, it’s like, we knew. And how often do people listen to their parents anyway? I mean, I knew within a month.

Details: Knew what?
BS: That he was not leaving me.
KF: We got that established pretty quickly. It’s crazy, you know? For as many relationships as I’ve been through, and all the people that I’ve been with, I just knew. Shit, it just happened to be that she had everything and then some. Shit, I could go on forever about my love for this girl.
BS: Baby, no! I’m right here!
KF: I’ll tell you one thing, and this means a lot to me. From the day we got together, she has always been there for me, you know what I mean? Always. And when I mean being there for me, I mean she’s fucking proud of me. I could be sitting at home doing nothing. I could be playing fucking video games. She’s more proud of me than anyone has ever, ever, ever been in my lifetime. Ever.
Details: And if she quit her job to be a housewife for the rest of her life?
KF: I’d support her for the rest of her life.
BS: I think you’d like me to.
KF: I want her to do what makes her happy.Whatever that may be.
BS: I think us coming together really helped me. He grounded me so much.

Details: How’s Britney with your kids?
KF: She’s fucking awesome. She loves the kids. She’s a great stepmom. She’s going to be a great mom, that’s for sure.

Details: I understand you’re planning to launch a fashion label.
KF: Shit, well, yeah, we’re starting a clothing line. We’re going to hopefully launch that by the end of summer or Christmastime of next year, or this year. I’m gonna design the men’s and she’ll design the women’s. We’re thinking about calling it Pair A Dice—because dice are lucky for us.

Details: Have you always been into fashion?
KF: Into it, yes. But not dressed in it, you know? So now is the time to do both. I’ve got a lot of good ideas about fashion that I want to put out there. I’m just gonna see where this business goes. I’m sure it’s gonna be fucking great, though. I want to do some cool casual stuff, like jeans and T-shirts and sweat suits. And then I also want hit the flip side—high-end, classy stuff too.

Details: Will you do ads for your stuff?
BS: Hell, yeah!

Details: Britney, you’re not picking out his clothes in the morning, are you?
BS: Sometimes I do. Well, not pick out his clothes in the morning, but sometimes it’s like, “Baby, wear this.” Like, he has his own thing going on, definitely, but I come in and I’m like, “This is cute.” I’m, like, the icing on the cake for him, I think. I put my little touches on it.

Details: So, after fashion, what?
BS: He can do everything.
KF: Well, I’m not going to do everything, but that’s, like, the direction that I’m headed right now, you know? I’m sure I’ll put my hands into a couple other things in the future.

Details: Would you try acting?
BS: If he got the right part.
KF: There’s that icing.

Details: So why stop dancing?
KF: Um, I’ve done—I’ve done it. I’ve been dancing my ass off since Fresno. I love to dance. I’ll always dance for fun, but for work? I’ve done it, dude. If I were to do it again, it would have to be something huge, because I mean—it’s like, fuck, I think I’ve danced for everybody. Ginuwine, Usher, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, ’N Sync, Pink, Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah . . .

Details: What do you think of Justin?
KF: He’s all good. A talented guy, you know. I’ve got no problems with him . . . that’s all fine.

Details: Britney, do you remember meeting Kevin back on that first tour?
BS: Vaguely.
KF: I had to pull out an old picture to show her what I looked like.
BS: He had blue hair.
KF: Bluish-green. I also had a jail-style weed-leaf tattoo on my arm.

Details: Had? You got rid of it?
KF: Oh, dude, this is funny. I got bitched out by Rosie O’Donnell.
BS: What did she say?
KF: “You’re gonna go out there and you got a weed leaf on your arm?” She’s like, “What about all these kids that look up to you?” We were backstage at one of Britney’s concerts.

Details: And she persuaded you to get rid of it?
KF: No, hell no. I wasn’t even listening. It represented another time in my life. It was time for a change. So I turned it into a scarab with pyramids in the sun.

Details: Why did you need a change?
KF: I was fucking going out and partying all the time. You know, when I came to L.A. it was, like, nonstop. When you’re on tour as a dancer it’s a fucking nonstop party.
BS: I don’t see how my dancers do it. Touring is really tough on them, but it’s super-hard for the artist. When I have kids—I think CĂ©line Dion, the way she does it, with her show in Vegas, is the way to go. Everybody comes to her. When I have kids, I’m so there. That’s what I’m doing: “Come to me, motherfuckers.”

Details: Speaking of kids, any news?
KF: Nice try, dude.


Anonymous said...

I love this interview :) I wish Kevin would do a new one at the beginning of the next year.

Samantha said...

i miss this timee in their life :(

ohh wll kevin is better off without her.

any1 have a picture of that tatoo?

Daisy said...

^Which one? The one he has now or the leaf?

Anonymous said...

he is so fake

he likes money cause he knows he can't live cause hi lazy ass can't find a job loser piece of shit

Anonymous said...

Every other word is a swear word.

Anonymous said...

I was rooting for them. Too bad for both that things fell apart.

Anonymous said...

HAHA the moral of the story is listen to ur parents kids.If only they had listen to their parent they won't be in this mess.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about that:
Britney gets help and gets well, and they come together again.
I don't really know why they quit - if it's because he cheated on her or because she changed her behavior after giving birth the first time and he couldn't handle with that any longer. I just think maybe it wouldn't be that bad if they come together again. I can't assess him. But you are Kevin-Fans. Tell, me, what does he really want? I really hope I'm wrong and he didn't use her for all the time. I mean look at their wedding, they seemed so happy, right?