Saturday, December 01, 2007

Kevin Federline's attorney denies rumors

Kaplan maintains that his client is only waging this battle on behalf of his kids and not his bank account.

"Every two months, rumors have been raised in the media that Mr. Federline's lawyers are about to go into court to get more money for child support," Kaplan said Friday in a statement to E! News. "Persistent questions are again being raised now in the press about the timing of when that will happen.

"As I've said, I know where to find the courthouse and what to do when I get there. If Mr. Federline had wanted to increase child support, it would be very easy to achieve and would have been requested long before now. There has not been and is not now a request before the court for a modification of child support.

"Mr. Federline's purpose in bringing this action continues to be one that is based upon the best interest of the children as his highest priority."



Daisy said...

Damn right!

Anonymous said...

It's good that Kaplan says this every once in a while. Hopefully the more open minded people out there are listening.

Anonymous said...

Shar and those nigger babies are gonna be pissed.

Anonymous said...

Fucking professional liar. If that was true, why don't they sign an additional agreement (for the legal consideration of $1) that they won't go after additional money in the event they get additional custodial rights.

Of course he won't, though he knows such an agreement would bind him to his word.

Fucking liars

Anonymous said...

everyone knows he's trying to get more money for his client without making it abundantly obvious in court. What happens if kfed gets soul custody?? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

does anyone else not see this?

Anonymous said...

Kaplan will not go out and just say, "My client would like more money!" because that would hurt him! Yes, he could ask for additional support at the moment, but again, motives would be questioned! Especially given that his original claim that Britney was on drugs or a danger to her children has yet to be proven. Her tests come up clean and no abuse has been found.

Kelly said...

Kaplan shouldn't respond to anymore of this bullshit, I'm sure if Kevin wanted more money and his lawyer went to court he would get it, because the support Kevin is getting now was base on him having the kids 50% of the time, and even if Kevin's laywer don't ask for an increase the judge can still award him more after reviewing both finances, if Kevin should maintain full custody of the boys.

For the person who is attacking Shar Jackson and her kids, shame on you, Shar and her kids isn't the reason Britney Spears lost custody of her own children, Shar and her kids is not the ones that make Britney continue to act the way she does, shame on you for condoning Britney behaviour and attacking a 3 year old and a 5 year old in order of defending her.

Kevin never claim Britney was on drugs are a danger to their children, he said it would be best for the children to be with him, the persons that gave affidavits about her state of mind and conduct around her children is the reason the judge awarded Kevin full custody right now and is the reason Britney has to have limited supervised visits with her sons, attend parenting classes, and do random drug testing.
Also, in court document the parenting coach said she doesn't abuse them in a 'traditional sense' meaning she doesn't beat them are starve them, but is abuse non-the-less, what do you think is happening to those boys when their mother have little are no interaction with them, while they're in an environment that is either choatic or sober, where they have no kind of rountine, or structure in their daily life.

When a case is in family court the parents have no say, the judge make an order and they do whatever the judge says inorder to maintain their rights has parents, sad but true, I don't think Kevin would have gotten then involved if it wasn't something serious, nobody wants anyone to tell them what to do, but in a situation like this, I think you should do whatever you're told for your precious little ones.

Anonymous said...

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