Sunday, November 04, 2007

Video: Kevin Outside His Home

Friday November 2nd: X17 Photogs spotted Kevin Federline on daddy duty fastening one of the boy’s seat belts. Later K-Fed plays ping-pong with a rumoured new girlfriend.
Watch video here.


Samantha said...

kinda confused, was ome1 else driving the car and he just buckeled their belts?

but thius goes 2 show kevin des have his kidss.

Daisy said...

I wondered that too, but after he walks away the film cuts, so he could have come back and got in it.
Britney just had them though so they might have been going to pick them up. Either way like you said it's nice to see him doing daddy stuff :)

Anonymous said...

daddy stuf he is a disgrace to human poor sean & jayden looks what the have for a fathe fucking golddigger get a fucking job $$$$$ 1week i hope brit lawyer is monito her child support she is giving KFAG

Anonymous said...

KFraud looks like he just isnt into the baby thing, and def not into things like seat belts for the kids. That doesnt make $$$$$, so why would he care?