Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kevin's New Year Plans

It's been an odd year for Kevin Federline. Following his split from Britney Spears in the fall of 2006, many had assumed the father of four, who began dating Britney while ex-gal Shar Jackson was still pregnant, would gladly hand over the two small sons he shares with her, so he could continue his party-boy ways. And yet, it quickly became apparent that the opposite was true.

Whether at the advice of his attorney or accountant, K-Fed seemingly cleaned up his act, making only the rare public appearance, while Brit-Brit spiraled out of control. And now that his year of being the "good guy" is wrapping up, Kevin will be taking a break from the prim and proper on New Year's Eve as he rings in 2008 in Sin City.

K-Fed has just been announced as the host of the New Year's bash at Las Vegas club Tangerine, where he'll undoubtedly raise a toast to the last 12 months. Let's just hope he doesn't try to entertain the crowd with any tracks from his album.

Source: People.com


Anonymous said...

Congrats Kevin!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for him he deseve it.That fool thought she was bring him down but she brought herself down. The goood will always triump over in the end.Good always win

Anonymous said...

1. Do drugs
2. Do alcohol
3. Call up and fuck ex-porn stars
4. Pay for all the above with Britney's money.

Samantha said...

completely agree with 2:30 pm

Anonymous said...

K-Trash is a filthy scumbag. He's got an evil genius lawyer who has convinced idiots like you that he is a "good father", when he's still nothing but trash.

1. Nicole Narain
2. Kids are with Nannies 40 hours a week and yet he has NO JOB
3. Smokes the weed in public