Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Details Article

7 // The Good Fathers

Kevin Federline and Larry Birkhead; Ages: 29 and 34

Meet America’s new parental role models. We all expected Kevin Federline and Larry Birkhead to crash and burn as fathers. Instead, by being more visible presences in their children’s lives than many Hollywood A-listers, they emerged as unlikely candidates for Dad of Year.

“To be a father is . . . everything,” says Federline, who was awarded sole custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James in October. “I mean, to me, it’s the best thing in my life.”

The New Dad, as represented by K Fed and Birkhead, is involved. He trucks the kids to the supermarket, decorates their bedrooms, and even lets them dictate the direction of his career. “I’d actually like to play somebody other than a bad guy or an ass,” says Federline, who’s made some forays into acting recently.

“My TVs are pretty much G-rated right now. Anything from SpongeBob to Finding Nemo, and you know, I’m still trying to decide which one I like more.”

For his part, Birkhead may have proved even more definitively than Federline that being the guy the judge calls Daddy has become this decade’s most efficient method of scuzz removal. US Weekly now runs photo montages of Daddy Birkhead helping Dannielynn blow out the candles on her first birthday cake.

“It keeps you on your toes,” Federline says of fatherhood. “It shows me how little I am.”

Wisdom from the backup dancer who was once ball-and-chained to Britney Spears? Father used to know best, but maybe now he knows even better.



oneandonly73 said...

eh - good shot of him - whatever

anyways -

oneandonly73 said...

woah dude, seems to me that ms britney got knock the fuck up with another man (jr rotem's child)

Anonymous said...

"ball-and chained"???? kevin was living it up while he was still married to britney...partying, cheating...when was he ever chained down...

Anonymous said...

KFed is a habitual liar.

Anonymous said...

Who is paying this loser to write these glowing reviews of this piece of garbage? Are you on Kaplan's payroll too?

K-Filth is a piece of crap. He is no father. Even in his interview he said that he "watches Spongebob and Finding Nemo" with his sons. If he were a real parent, he'd know that Spongebob is not G-rated (as he claims) and he'd know that babies don't watch Disney movies with lots of dialog, they can't understand it and don't have the attention span.

Anonymous said...

The shit these fag mags write to sell copy....

Anonymous said...

Kevin is bi.

Remember the "eye infection" that he claimed he had? He couldn't open his eye for a reason... it was half-closed because a friend ejaculated into it during oral sex.

What a great role model for the kids.