Friday, November 02, 2007

Britney and Kevin's Financial Details

More court documents in the ongoing custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were released Thursday, which revealed some intimate details about their finances.

• Federline, earned more than a half million dollars in 2006, mainly from entertainment and endorsement deals – but minus business expenses, he only grossed $7,436 that year.

• Spears earns approximately $737,000 per month.

• Federline receives $15,000 a month in child support payments from his ex. (The amount may change, depending on how much more custodial time he ends up getting.) He is entitled to child support payments until Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, become adults, since Spears is the higher earner.

• The documents also reveal that Federline earned $3,300 in royalties in 2006 for his debut song "Popozao."

As for expenses, the documents also show that the former couple had very different spending habits. Here is what Spears and Federline spent on a monthly average in 2006 on various items.

Britney's Expenses:

• $102,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation
• $49,267 on mortgage payments
• $16,000 on clothes
• $4,758 on eating out
• $2,500 on phone bills

Kevin's Expenses:

• $5,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation
• $7,500 on rent
• $2,000 on clothes
• $1,500 on eating out
• $750 on phone bills



Anonymous said...

all kevin's money are britney money,he is a lame

Anonymous said...

That bitch blows through almost $740,000 a month, and yet only cuts a Kevin a $20,000 check, and pays almost nothing ($15,000 is nothing when you make almost a million a month) in child support.

Kevin has to spend almost all of it on rent and security. Britney is one dirty, self-centered, and cheap bitch.

Anonymous said...

It's Britney's money she should be able to what she wants with it. Kevin should try finding a stable job or find a place that better suits his budget.

Anonymous said...

Kevin seems to be doing just fine. That's 2006, which for most of the time they were married. In 2007 he's done some WWE stuff, the Nationwide commercial, Axe Body Spray, at least seven episodes of One Tree Hill, and probably a few more paid appearances which is not bad. He's doing just fine, he can live well, and he seems to have much better sense of money than his ex-wife.

Anonymous said...

Cute pic, by the way. I haven't seen Britney looking that healthy and happy in a long time.

Anonymous said...

It isn't just Britney's money now. She is responsible for two little children, and that means that Kevin has to provide them with the same quality lifestyle. If Britney really loved her kids (she doesn't) she would be more generous with Kevin, rather than fight him right and left.

Anonymous said...

Be more generous with Kevin?? C'mon he'd be broke without her! BTW, your blog "forgot" to mention that Britney gives $500 to charity a month, Kevin gives $0. Britny spends $6,000 for child care, Kevin spends $2,000.

And $15,000 is more than enough for child support. (Don't forget the 1.3 mil settlement + 20k per month Kevin got for spousal support)The child support money is supposed to go to the kids, not Kevin's He should be responsible for that.

Anonymous said...

To the erroneous poster who stated that "the bitch blows 740,000 a month"...if you add up her fucking expenses and tack on an extra 30,000 for incidentals...she spends about 240,000 a month! Learn to fucking add!

Obviously Spears loves her children, unlike what some of you are spouting, but there is no reason to give Kevin more than what is basically necessary for the children!

Anonymous said...

Kevin's a bum. He can't even provide for his own kids. What a man.

Anonymous said...

Britney yearly gives hundreds of thousands to charity...not just 500. Her last tax statement confirmed she gave nearly a million to various charities...not to mention what she gives for cancer research...

And what does Kevin give? SQUAT

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with 4:12.

Most families with 2 children probably spend as much anually on their children as Kevin gets per month.

Anonymous said...

Kevin spends much more money on security, because he cares about his kids! Look at Britney making all that coin, and doing little to nothing raising them, you can't even see her expenses on them.

Kevin deserves every penny and more, and now we see he spends every penny on them!

Anonymous said...