Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sean Preston and Jayden James at Kevin's

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X17 reports that yesterday at 4:00 PM, a doctor came by Kevin Federline's house.

X17 also reports that today Kevin's nanny took the boys out for a ride.

Source: x17online.com, tmz.com


Anonymous said...

All opinions aside - those are two of the most adorable boys. It's so cute that they look almost like twins. I think Kevin and Britney are two lucky people to have two HEALTHY children born so close in age. That is a blessing in itself.

Anonymous said...

^I agree, they are both very lucky to have these boys, even with everything that is going on. I wish everyone in that family the best.

Kelly said...

I wish Sean and Jayden all the best, and I pray for their parents one more than the other, but I pray for them all the same.

I think Sean and Jayden's life with their dad is more stable than that with mom, Kevin as a family unit for the boys, brother, sister, grandparents(both sets), aunts, uncles, that's a good thing to have around with young children.

I hope Britney will get the help she needs so she can again be apart of her sons life.

Samantha said...

It's sad britney lost all custody but it's for the best. That shows that she didn't care aout hrr children as mmuh as she claimed. she would have stayed clean and gave drug tests, went 2 meeting, etc.

Anonymous said...

How cute! Sean Preston and Jayden James found KFed's drug stash. Fortunately KFed called in a doctor.