Monday, October 01, 2007

Kevin's attorney in court over Britney's driving

Britney Drives Home K-Fed Custody?
by Gina Serpe
Mon, 1 Oct 2007 10:59:14 AM PDT

For anyone other than Britney Spears, an activity as mundane as driving one's kids around town could be seen as an expression of motherly devotion. For Spears, however, it's just another misstep—and one that could cost her.

Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, was back in Los Angeles Superior Court Monday, after Spears was reportedly spotted taxiing her two children around Los Angeles over the weekend, less than two weeks after she was busted on charges of driving without a license.

Sources familiar with the case tell E! News that the California DMV has Spears listed as an unlicensed driver in the state. Furthermore, authorities believe Spears' driver's license from her home state of Louisiana has expired.

Should the allegations of weekend joyriding bear out, it could have a potentially detrimental effect on her custody battle with Federline over sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. Federline is seeking primary physical custody of the youngsters over concern for his boys' well-being, claiming the youngsters are in a less than safe environment while under their mother's watch.

Two weeks ago, the increasingly beleaguered pop star was slapped with two misdemeanor counts by the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, including hit-and-run causing property damage and driving without a valid California license.

The charges were the result of an Aug. 6 accident in a Studio City vitamin store parking lot, in which Spears dinged a silver Mercedes-Benz with her black one, got out to survey the damage and drove off without so much as a note. Or, as it turns out, a driver's license.

Unfortunately for Spears, paparazzi were on hand to capture her fleeing the scene.

Michael Sands, Kaplan's spokesperson, told E! News last week that the hit-and-run charges issued without taking the new indiscretions into consideration. However, it appears as though her latest parental blunder could—at least if Kaplan has anything to say about it—have some impact on the case.

On Friday, before Spears was spotted allegedly behind the wheel, Kaplan was reportedly back in court for an hourlong closed-door meeting in which he discussed the hit-and-run offense with Commissioner Scott Gordon, who's presiding over the high-profile case.

Her arraignment has been set for Oct. 10, though as the counts are both misdemeanors, Spears will not be required to appear in court. If convicted, the singer could face up to six months behind bars.


Note: is claiming a "now former bodyguard" told them "a while back" that Britney has a valid license in Louisiana.

Breaking News: Kevin’s lawyer heading to LA court this morning
MONDAY OCTOBER 01, 2007 12:15 PM EDT

Life & Style has learned exclusively that Kevin Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is heading to LA Superior Court this morning to allege that Britney Spears was driving without a license over the weekend while her children were in the car!

Kaplan’s appearance this morning will be the latest move in Kevin and Britney’s ongoing custody battle over their sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1. Insiders say Kaplan will also bring up Brit's driving without a license on Aug. 6, when she was involved in an alleged hit-and-run motoring offense after crashing into a parked car in the San Fernando Valley.

Insiders tell Life & Style that Kaplan held an hour-long, closed-doors meeting with Commissioner Scott Gordon on Sept. 28, in which it’s understood that Kaplan discussed the alleged hit-and-run offense. At the time of the incident, Britney reportedly drove away from the scene, and it emerged that she did not have a California license when the owner of the other vehicle reported the crash to the police. If convicted of the offense, Britney could face up to six months in jail plus $1,000 in fines!

Meanwhile, Britney could face more legal trouble if she fails a court-ordered, random drug test, administered twice weekly. Lynn Soodik, a Santa Monica, Calif., based family attorney not involved in Britney’s case, tells Life & Style, “If she fails a drug test, the court might try monitored visitation, or no visitation until the tests come back clean. The court would be trying to protect the children.”

Brit’s rep couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.


Britney Drives Illegally!
Posted Oct 1st 2007 1:45PM by TMZ Staff

A TMZ records check reveals the popwreck does not have a valid California driver's license. She has applied for one, but it's still in the pending file.

And get this: Spears has never had a California license for all the years she's lived in L.A.!

A DMV official told TMZ, "At this point, Britney Spears does not have a valid California driver's license. She has an application pending that she never completed."

TMZ has video of Spears driving here and there this weekend. She also has a pending hit and run criminal case.



Anonymous said...

Why is it that only Life and Style is reporting this?

Anonymous said...

if you maintain duel residence, your not required for both states. yes,people let their license expire all the time, or don't change going to a new state, and although you can be ticketed and it's breaking the law, it doesnt mean the safety of her children are at stake - it's not like she doesnt know how to drive, people, so give it a rest.

and by the way, the last time i checked, DMV information is confidential - so i would like to know how TMZ, as well as some other poster on here, exactly obtained that info.... hmmm. one thing for the attorney or Britney herself to confirm this information, but to "look it up" through a "source" is illegal..

She would have needed proof of license when she bought her new car a few months ago.

Alison said...

New info from added.

Anonymous said...

Serves her right. Britney did a hit and run on a parked car. If she cared about others, all she had to do was leave a note. But no, she just inspected the damage on her car, and left.

She is a danger to her kids and others. I hope they reserve a room for her in the Paris Hilton Suite, at the LA Jail.

Randa said...
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shetho said...

they are the wors couple that i ever known .. one he's like a kid
and the other she's addict 2 drugs and alkohol..etc..
nice info guys