Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rumor: Britney hit Kevin while married

Did Britney Belt K-Fed?
Posted Oct 10th 2007 8:23AM by TMZ Staff

Kevin Federline let his old ol' lady beat him up, y'all!

So says an "insider" who tells Life & Style that K-Fed was hit by Brit "several times during their marriage," and that her allegedly punchy ways were the reason he asked the judge to order her not to use corporal punishment on Sean and Jayden. (And not just because she shouldn't anyway?)

Someone in Brit's camp beats back the rumor, saying, "This is just another attempt to make Britney look like a bad mom."



Anonymous said...

I've heard this rumor come up a couple of times before - it wouldn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

britney is a bad mom.

Anonymous said...

its true. Trust me. But in Brit's defense, kinda, many women hit or shove their hubbys. Doesn't make it right; it just happens alot. And you have to understand, many of their problems stemmed from Brit's own insecurity. She thought since she "bought" him, she could control him. For example, go watch the video of their premiere on TV doing the Ellen interview. Watch Britney's expressions. She tried to control Kevin's every move, even down to way he would say. You could see her very tense when talking to Ellen about their relationship on that show. Kevin was nervous being new to daytime TV and the crowd was very hyped. Anyway, long story short, Brit did hit him - she gave her kids soda - jacked up their teeth - they had 3-somes - they did drugs - etc, etc. Brit was a hot mess WAY before Kevin ever entered her life. And trust, even though his life is easier in some ways and he can support his girl and sons probably for the rest of his life - if he could rewind the time and go back, you bet your life he would've not messed around with Britney

Anonymous said...

Wow, no wonder he does not want to come near her. I hope they will both get healing.

Anonymous said...

I would have used a butcher knife.