Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rumor: Britney and K-Fed Got Along Swell

Sources tell TMZ there's good news in Britney Spears' world!!! Seriously.

We're told yesterday's co-parenting meeting with K-Fed went "amazingly well." Brit and Kevin met for two hours with Al Gibbs, the counselor, at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Of course, that's where divorced parents learn how to handle their kids -- and besides, Brit was able to gas up her car courtesy of the valet for $4.50 a gallon.

And get this -- one connected source says one of the reasons it went so well is because Britney liked being around K-Fed!

And there's more. For the last week, we're told Britney has been responsive with her lawyers and all-in-all in a better state of mind.



Anonymous said...

Britney, you messed up when you dumped Kevin the way you did, it was a young and foolish mistake. I don't see there being any going back now, especially when you continue to make the same mistakes by insulting him on your album. Why would he go back to that?

Anonymous said...

Kevin, be strong and prove to the world that you are a man to be respected. We love you!!!