Thursday, October 11, 2007

K-Fed's Lawyer to Brit - Overnights My A**

Celebrity lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's attorney, just told TMZ he will absolutely oppose Brit's move to get overnight visits with the kids.

Brit's lawyers will ask Commissioner Scott Gordon for overnights, partly because she's passed all her drug tests. Kaplan said, "She's 25 years old. The order is a week old." The upshot of Kaplan's statement -- one week does not a responsible parent make.

As for Britney showing up in court -- last night, she said she would. At the time this story is being published, Brit has 35 minutes to get to the courthouse. She's in Marina del Rey and she'll have to drive across town in rush hour traffic -- not likely she'll make it.


Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin Federline's attorney, delivered this statement to the press earlier today:

"The fact that a party, one week after a full court hearing, attempts to change the orders of the court, in the absence of an emergency or without any new facts, suggests a continued lack of respect and understanding for what an order of the court actually means."



Anonymous said...

She's a no show according to X17. I don't know what this girl is thinking.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't have to be present...neither does Kevin. The attorneys present the "case".