Friday, October 19, 2007

Congratulations to Shar Jackson for winning Celebrity Rap Superstar!

Shar Jackson Wins MTV's Celebrity Rap-Off
FRIDAY OCTOBER 19, 2007 07:00 AM EDT
By Mary Margaret

Finding rap success in a way that ex Kevin Federline might envy, Shar Jackson was crowned last celebrity standing on MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar – beating out Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson.

"I couldn't believe it. I just knew Kendra had it since she was definitely a favorite." Jackson told PEOPLE exclusively, "It's hard to beat a Bunny!"

Jokes aside, Jackson reveled in the surprise victory: "I looked up at my kids and the look on their faces made me tear up. They were so proud of me."

The reality show, which recently gave Jackson an outlet to bash Britney Spears, opened up new possibilities for the Moesha actress. "If I can have a career having fun, that's just awesome," she said about making a name for herself in music. "I really, really enjoy it. Why not?"

Federline's Parents Attend
Celebrating at the wrap party with her family and even Federline's parents, Jackson took a moment to remember what inspired her to join the show.

"I dedicate this whole thing to Lamont Bentley, who played my brother Hakeem on Moesha," Jackson said, "He passed away in a car accident two years ago and what he really, really wanted to do was rap. So I did all of this in his honor."

So what was Federline's advice? "He just wished me luck and told me to kill 'em." Her kids sent her off with a more gentle approach. "They gave me a bunch of big kisses," she said.



Anonymous said...

Good for her! I wish her luck with her music career.

Anonymous said...

She try to make the same thing as Britney!!But she will never be liked Britney!!Pooor Shar you can try but i don't think so!!!And you're so hilarious because people loved more Britney than you a big black ass!!Woman so lame and so ugly to fat!!Go and get youre self a better life!!Stupidy!!

Anonymous said...

11:26am - seems to me you are the only lame one here. Shar has no reason to want to be like Britney. Who in their right mind would want to be like that trainwreck Spears. Shar has her act together like her or not!

Anonymous said...

Shar looks like a fat chimp. Kevin has done much better since dumping her.

Samantha said...

i agree with 1:45pm.
any1 is better then britney, even shar. stop hating.

Anonymous said...

it sucks that those of us in other countries can't watch her performances. i wish someone would upload them because mtv doesn't like it when other places try to watch on their site.

Anonymous said...

Shar doesn't hold a candle to Britney. She's fugly.

Anonymous said...

shar's first mistake was taking a 'jab' at brit. who does she think she is? she's another wanna be, like kev. just trying to ride on brit's coat tails to try to earn a living. she shouldn't bite the hand that feeds her ex and her children.