Thursday, October 18, 2007

Britney Is At Kevin's House Right Now?

An interesting development! In light of her visitation woes, Brit - along with her new assistant - appears to be headed toward ex-hubbie Kevin Federline's Tarzana home right now! (The house is in a residential neighborhood and part of a gated community.) The two boys are there with the nanny... but where's K-Fed?

X17 is with Kevin right this moment and we can XCLUSIVELY confirm that he is not at home - where the kids currently are - but rather out shopping alone. We'll bring you an update ASAP, so stay with us!
X17 is with Brit right now and she just picked up some take-out from Rubio's Mexican Grill... literally one block away from Kevin Federline's Tarzana home! Brit's day started at her Bel-Air home, and after that she traveled (with her assistant) to her home in Malibu. Finally she ended up at Rubio's - but why all the way out there?
X17 can also confirm that did not seem like her usual chipper self. The Gimme More singer was arguing with someone on the phone, looking upset and nervous. What's wrong? Britney's next destination? We'll stay with her - more details coming!
This may well come to nothing, X17 often make out like they have an exclusive and it's nothing at all but we will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

I hope she didn't bring an umbrella.

Daisy said...

^Haha, I know! Turns out she went for something tp eat very near his home, maybe she had other intentions until the papparazzi showed up? X17 and their bogus exclusives...