Monday, September 17, 2007

X17 and TMZ reveal witness as "Tony", Britney's former bodyguard

Video: "Tony" arrives at court

According to X17, Tony was fired by Britney around the time of concert at the House of Blues in Orlando. The second picture is of him with Britney at Millennium Dance Studio in April.


The secret witness in the Britney Spears custody hearing is a former bodyguard of Brit's who worked for the popwreck during her string of less-than-crowd-pleasing House of Blues performances. Oh, the things he saw!

His name is Tony, and he can be seen with Spears in photographs taken in April and May of this year.

At this moment, Tony is still waiting to see if he will be called as a witness today. Either way, TMZ is told that his attorney, Gloria Allred, will hold a presser at the end of the day, where she will reveal his identity and about what Tony plans to testify.


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Anonymous said...

Wow... and all this time I thought Fat Tony only appeared on The Simpsons.