Friday, September 14, 2007

Shar Jackson raps a song about Kevin breakup

Video: Shar Jackson performs "No Time For Hatin'"

From Splash:

"Kevin Federline's ex Shar Jackson broke down in tears after rapping a song about losing her man to Britney Spears. Shar - who was pregnant with Federline's child when he left her for Britney - is currently competing on U.S. TV show 'Celebrity Rap Superstar'. She had to write her own rap - and made one called 'No Time For Hatin' about being in the spotlight from being dumped by K-Fed. She was shown fighting back tears while writing it - and then on being praised after singing it. Shar's performance was a hit with the judges - and the audience - and she survived being voted off the show."



Samantha said...

ahh i didnt see her crying. ?
shes a petty good rapper tho.

Anonymous said...

maybe she is crying tears of joy, that Nasty-line got with Brit, then magically, Shar got some plastic surgery out of the deal, and a little more publicity than necessary, and more than what she bargained for!! This baby-making machine got a good deal from the Nasty-line- Brit thing. If Brit was well mentally, she would never have looked twice at the grease monkey, especially given he had a mini-van load of kids he wouldn't raise to start with....BIG RED FLAG, He would be a fag if the price was right.