Monday, September 17, 2007

FBI & LAPD investigation of threat on Kevin's life was closed

Cops: Case Closed on K-Fed Death Threat

TMZ has learned that reports of an FBI investigation into a plot to kill Kevin Ferderline are completely untrue -- however, an LAPD investigation was conducted in the past.

According to LAPD, the department opened an investigation into a threat on Federline's life nearly two months ago, but the case was closed due to insufficient evidence.

TMZ also spoke with the L.A. spokesperson for the FBI, who blasted reports claiming that the the FBI ever confirmed anything about a K-Fed investigation saying, "The information on the Internet on these reports is not accurate. It did not come from the FBI at all."


FBI & LAPD: K-Fed Threat Wasn't Credible
Monday September 17, 2007

Despite a report earlier today that there is a contract out on Kevin Federline's life, a spokesperson for the FBI tells, "we investigated the threat, but deemed it to not be credible."

Laura Eimiller, a spokeswoman for FBI Press Relations in the Los Angeles Field Office, explains, “We received information, which was not specific and uncorroborated, and because there was no federal jurisdiction, out of an abundance of caution, we shared the information with local authorities who pursued it further."

In response to questions about where the initial information came from, she tells Us, "I’m not confirming the nature of the source, and any of the information contained in it. It is not credible. We looked into it."

Los Angeles Police Department Public Information Officer Norma Eisenman echoes the FBI's comment, telling Us, "there was an investigation in June, but there wasn’t enough evidence to substantiate the charges."



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I'm glad it's not as bad as they were originally reporting, but still disturbing that it came up at all.

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to waste a perfectly good bullet on KFed.

Anonymous said...

^I would.

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Maybe it was a Britney fan. Some of them do seem pretty mental.

Lashun said...

Might have been that Britney's super fan, Chris Crocker.

Anonymous said...

^Or planned by Kevin's camp.