Friday, September 07, 2007

"Secret Witness" in custody case

At 10:46 AM:

TMZ has learned attorney Gloria Allred is on her way to court to inject herself in the Britney Spears/K-Fed custody fight.

We're told Allred will inform the judge that she has a secret witness who wants to testify at the Sept. 17 hearing. Allred will tell the judge the witness is "intimidated" and concerned about revealing his/her identity (TMZ is told the person is a he).

Here's our take: Gloria's gonna be unceremoniously thrown out of court. We're told last Tuesday, K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, also informed Judge Scott Gordon that he had a "secret" witness. Judge Gordon basically said, "We don't do secret witnesses." Do Gloria and Mark have the same "secret" witness? It sure feels that way.

Britney's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, told TMZ: "With all due respect to Ms. Allred, she's attempting to bring her own ring to what was already a three ring circus."

At 11:59 AM:

TMZ was in the courtroom just minutes ago when K-Fed's lawyer said the "secret witness" in the case is an employee of Britney's -- after she left rehab.

Dennis Wasser, who reps Spears, said, "Shame on Mr. Kaplan. How can he let this go on?" We're told Kaplan made a play for the witness last Tuesday, but was shut down by the judge.

Gloria Allred, who reps the witness, is about to address the court and explain why the judge should consider his testimony in the custody dispute.

Then the judge threw us out and made the proceeding itself secret!

At 12:37 PM:

Judge Scott Gordon shut down G-L-O-R-I-A's attempt to bring a "secret witness" into the custody fight between Britney and K-Fed.

The judge said the witness would only be considered if he files a written declaration and only if he reveals his identity, and maybe not even then.

The guy is someone who worked with Britney after she left rehab.

Allred told TMZ "It appears we hit a raw nerve with Miss Wasser, Britney Spears' attorney. We think she would like to prevent our client from testifying. Perhaps she has a sense of what he might say."



Anonymous said...

Yet another person running scared from testifying against Britney. I hope he's a strong enough person to reveal himself.

Anonymous said...

Gloria is one the biggest media whore lawyers out there. She probably doesn't even have a witness. Why doesn't the guy state his name and shit. What? Does Britney have ties to the mafia? This isn't a murder case where your scared to say something about what you saw. This has something to do with 2 little boys. Doesn't make any damn sense. This is one big media circus all over "money" not the "boys".

Anonymous said...

It's not really that hard to understand why people would hesitate to testify against Britney, because the whole world is going to know it. Especially if he was employed by Britney, I'm sure he's worried that no one will hire him again. Hopefully he puts the best interests of 2 little boys ahead of his reputation, but he seems reluctant.

Anonymous said...

The witness has to declare his name, association and allegations...otherwise his declaration will not be admissible. It's called disclosure and it's required by court of law!

This witness that is so "scared" is legally protected from harm, both physically and work related because it is against the law to retaliate against an employee/former employee. If Spears did retaliate she would leave herself open to a multi million dollar lawsuit and possible criminal charges. So there really isn't any reason for all the cloak and dagger shit!

It is also illegal to not hire someone solely because they were a "whistleblower" in a civil or criminal case! So legally he is protected there to!

Anonymous said...

Some of you are acting like Britney is a mobster and is going to off the man if he comes

Anonymous said...

It's the people themselves who are acting like that... crying, smashing cars, hiding out. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me but that's how they are acting.

Anonymous said...

Larry, Sam, and Ally are the ones that were hiding, crying, and crashing cars. This guys knows something and wants to say something about it but wants his identity secret. i think there's a differance.

Anonymous said...

Gloria says that Brits lawyer maybe afraid of what her witness has. Stupid bitch, you and your witness have all this info and nobody is stoping you from telling anything. It was the judge who said there will be no secret witness. Just reveal yourself and tell us what you have. What the fuck is he afraid of? Her cheetos? Or is it the umbrella?

Anonymous said...

Whether there is a law protecting "whistleblowers" or not, it won't stop people from avoiding hiring him. What world do you live in? All they have to do is give a different reason. Stuff like that happens all the time. Plus he would be in the tabloids, which wouldn't be much fun.

How can you honestly say you have no understanding why they might want to keep their identity secret?

Anonymous said...

If he didn't want all the attention or being in the tabloids or worried that he may not get a job, he should've never wanted to get involve in all of this.

Anonymous said...

It's possible to care enough to want to help two innocent children, but not enough to turn your whole life upside down. Looks like he doesn't have that option.

Anonymous said...

^ If he truly cared about the two little boys he would just follow court procedure so the judge could deem whether or not to admit his testimony! Screw a job or a few jobs if you are saving the lives of two children...especially if his testimony is so "damning"!

He would be able to find work elsewhere! The way I see it:if children's lives are at stake vs. my job...I'd sure as hell be man enough to step up for those children and if that affected my career I'd get a new one. Besides, most people would applaud him for stepping in and caring for the boys!

Anonymous said...

I think the witness signed confidentiality agreement with Britney, and may not want to get sued for talking.

Anonymous said...

Gloria went after OJ, and now she's going to nail Britney! Go Kevin!

Anonymous said...

^And OJ is still free! lol..

Anonymous said...

^Free and still hasn't paid a dime.

Anonymous said...

How is she going to nail Britney when her own "witness" doesn't have the balls to testify.