Monday, September 17, 2007

Rumour: Hired Hitman To Kill Kevin

Our guy down at the courthouse today tells us a celeb news magazine show had a producer there for the hearing in Britney and Kevin's custody case where uber-attorney Gloria Allred was to produce a 'secret witness' and the mic-holder was yelling out questions about allegations of Britney having hired a hitman to kill Kevin Federline?!!! What?!

Even Allred looked shocked and she seemed to have no idea what this ill-informed producer was talking about and we're pretty certain that info is totally WACK!

Anyway, we've got tape of all of this AND an ID on the 'secret witness' coming soon! This case gets stranger by the day!



Anonymous said...

Let the smear campain begin. It's gonna get ugly.

Anonymous said...

Lol Mobster Britney Spears. I'm sorry that is the most rumor I have ever heard.

Her ass would be in jail if any of this was true. You look like an idiot for posting this info.

Anonymous said...

Well I certainly hope it's not true, but Britney hasn't been in the best frame of mind lately. I'm not completely ruling out the possibility.

Anonymous said...

Seriously K. Fed should have been dead a long time ago.